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Primary Day

by on September 14, 2010

The race between Carl Paladino and Rick Lazio is really close, according to the polls.  I am not going to offer any predictions. Whatever happens, happens, and I’ll support the winner in November.

It’s been an interesting primary to say the least. Despite an aggressive smear campaign from the left-wing robots at WNYMedia, Carl Paladino has only done better in the polls. At least we learned about WNYMedia’s obsession with horse porn, which otherwise would have remained secret. Take that for what it’s worth.

Whether it is Lazio or Paladino, the winner has a uphill battle in making a dent in the ridiculously unfathomable lead in the polls by Cuomo. I really have no idea how a majority of voters could support another insider Democrat, but hey, if Cuomo wins, a majority of New York voters will have no right to complain about how nothing changes, and how the state keeps screwing us over.

I hope whichever candidate is not chosen by Republican primary voters will give their full support to the winner.  This is no time for a divided party. The New York Republican Party has a lot of shaping up to do so that we can actually fix the mess this state is in. Lord know Andrew Cuomo and the Democrats aren’t going to fix it.

UPDATE: Well, it’s 11 PM and the race is called for Carl Paladino.

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