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I Underestimated Carl Paladino

by on September 16, 2010

Hey, I have been wrong once or twice before in my life, and I was wrong about Carl Paladino. Even Tuesday morning I expected Rick Lazio to squeak through a close primary election… but,, as we all know, that didn’t happen. It was a blowout.

Despite the smear campaign from our local left-wing blogger contingent, Carl won easily on a message that it is time for our elected leaders in Albany to shape up or ship out.

I didn’t think Carl Paladino was electable in a GOP primary, and I was wrong. I won’t underestimate him again. Especially since now I believe that he could pull off a victory in November. Make no mistake about it. Tuesday changed everything. Carl didn’t just win by a few points.  Carl defeated Rick Lazio 62-38%. I not only underestimated Carl, but I underestimated just how angry the people are in this state.

And believe me, this is not the result Camp Cuomo wanted.  I think, like many other pundits who have weighed in since Tuesday night, that Carl Paladino has an chance to capitalize on voter frustration with the business as usual in Albany. No one really believes Cuomo will reform the state government. But Carl has the will and the experience to make it happen.

It’s not only Cuomo who is concerned. You can bet the left-wing extremists at WNYMedia aren’t very happy either. I am sure they think Paladino winning is just a sign of how on the fringe New York Republicans are, but the truth is their dishonest attacks on Paladino were an attempt to bump him off at the primary. They failed. Miserably.  Now, Carl will be swiping at Cuomo for the next two months, and the state (and perhaps the whole country) will be paying attention.  They tried to make him sound unappealling to Republicans by pointing out past donations to Democrats. Well, too bad for them. I guess they’ll have to sit in their office and think of another plan while they watch horse porn repeatedly for journalistic research.

This race has suddenly become exciting. I think there is a chance now Cuomo can be defeated. So Carl, yes, I am still mad as hell, and you better believe I am with you all the way to November.

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  1. Observer permalink

    Well said. Thank you for somebody finally calling out I am a democrat and avid news reader. It is in my opinion they thought they had the breaking story to knock Paladino out of the race and they would always get the credit for doing so… Well now that Paladino steamrolled his opponent in the primary in stunning fashion… looks like whiny sore losers.. keep repeating the same story of forewording off-color emails over and over while downplaying the voters desire for something completely different in Albany.

  2. I don’t know what your obsession is with our site, or why you’ve mentioned us quite literally in both or your two most recent facile posts about Carl’s win.

    I presume it’s to piss one of us off so we’ll throw you a link or give you attention.

    In any event, you must have been asleep for the past 6 months, because the race has been exciting from the get-go, no thanks to your boy Lazio.

    I have to say that I’m downright thrilled that the right wing of the Republican Party has selected a Carl Paladino to be its nominee. Until his win the other night, Carl hadn’t been asked a tough question by really anybody because the local media are so petrified of being shut out from access to him. Carl can talk big about vetting Cuomo like never before, and that’s all well and good. Carl has Roger Stone and his boy wonder Caputo working for him, so I’m sure we’ll learn all about Cuomo’s divorce and past coke use or pot smoking or hijinks at school, and you’ll post it all diligently whilst disingenuously tearing us a new asshole for doing the same to Carl.

    But here’s the thing, Matt. You have charged here and elsewhere that we have launched a “dishonest attack” on Paladino, which is accusing us of lying. Also, I don’t quite understand your homoerotic imagineering of Marc, Chris, and I watching horse porn, but I’m sure your therapist can help you work out those issues for you. You mention it way too often in the posts where you way too often try to engage us.

    We like to debate Republicans, but we prefer the honest, knowledgable ones like Brian Castner and Ray Walter.

    Anyhow, please point out one single, solitary lie that any of the writers at have posted about Carl Paladino.

    The fact remains that Paladino was a Democrat and gave generously to such conservative luminaries as Hillary Clinton, (whom your colleague there referred to as a “harpy” today), Chuck Schumer, and Sheldon Silver’s PAC. The fact remains that Paladino manipulated the election law so as to make contributions to his preferred candidates in excess of the statutory maximum. The fact remains that Paladino’s millions would not exist were it not for his extensive dealings with the state of New York and the Albany politicians he purports to so despise now. You don’t rebut these facts, because they are irrefutable. You just dismiss them.

    In any event, our mission wasn’t to “derail” anybody. If we wanted to “derail” Carl’s campaign, we would have held the email story until September 10th. Our mission is to inform our readership about information we’ve obtained, or to provide opinions that we have. Obviously, you think we’re creeps or something, and that’s perfectly fine. The problem for you is another thing that you should talk to your therapist about, and that’s the concept of projection.

    So, to your claim that we failed miserably at something, we didn’t. Every time Republican nominee Carl Paladino is mentioned, the fact of his landslide victory is mentioned in the same paragraph as his proclivity to send racist, sexist, and bestiality-laden emails. That might be your scene, but I’d gather that most New Yorkers don’t like that sort of thing. His supposed tea party credentials are mentioned in the same breath as his extensive dealings with New York State. His character/values stances are juxtaposed against his philandering and out-of-wedlock child, as well as his decade-long deceit of his wife and family.

    Here’s an idea. Right after you show me where it is that someone from posted something untrue about Paladino, why not try thinking about this race and how it played out and actually write down some political analysis about it. Is this really a tea party victory given DiPietro’s loss, or is it more the power of Carl’s personality? Which was more important, Carl’s money, or the fact that Lazio never even showed up for this race?

    You won’t do that sort of analysis because it takes thought, time, and knowledge. It also requires you to take off your Republican hack hat and put on a political thinker’s cap – something you’re loath to do.

    So, you kids have fun here accusing us of non-existent lies and imagining us watching bestiality over and over again. Those of us who actually care what happens will be over there, thinking about what’s going on, talking about the issues in the races, and further exposing Carl Paladino for the extremist protofascist he is.

    Have a great day!

  3. Please. I don’t give a damn about getting links from your site. At the same time I can’t simply ignore your existence. But, don’t worry, you can tell Marc that I have refrained from linking over there… can’t dare risk inadvertently sending a trackback! ha. you all have wasted more digital ink on me than vice versa.

    I could just ignore wnymedia, but hen you’d probably criticize me for that too.

    and why shouldn’t you be mentioned when I have talked about Carl recently? They guy has done more for WNY then all of you together could possibly achieve in your lifetimes, yet you brand him a racist (sounds familiar doesn’t it) and all sorts of things over emails. Considering some of the unsavory characters you all have supported your attacks on Carl were nothing short of hypocritical. You all know damn well he’s not a racist, yet you keep calling him that. But, since I was a racist for not wanting to travel through a high-crime neighborhood, I guess anything can be racist.

    As for the horse porn comments. I just can’t help myself sometimes, since you guys felt compelled to explain how you watched it so intently.. start to finish. Most of us would have turned it off immediately, and spared the public of the play-by-play.

  4. Whatever dude. I want to know – what did we write that was untrue?

    “a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman; shrew.”

    Yeah, that doesn’t sound like Hillary at all. I should have used a more reasonable term like “protofascist.”

  6. Alan Bedenko permalink

    Yes, protofascist. he denies that Muslims have any constitutional rights at all because Islam is an “ideology”, not a religion.

    In any event, it’s a gender-neutral description.

    Also, no one has identified a single falsehood we’ve printed about Carl, so, to quote a conservative douche-icon, you lie.

  7. Steve permalink

    Matt, keep up the good work. WNYmedia.crap can deny all they want but EVERYONE knows their agenda to kill anyone who isn’t off the left liberal. Note how the biggest hypocrit, Odien, tried to smear him one last time with the Pu**y story. It went nowhere. Verified by who? Some drunk in the bar? They consider themselves credible? Now they are soliciting political ads. I can see all the favorable stories piling up as Hoyt and the like give them money. As for Ben-dick-o, his claim to fame is defending the nut job Eric Massa. I remember how he said had spoken to him and he was a good guy . Now there’s a guy I want to write stories, he’s such a good judge of character. Anyone who thinks Cuomo is the answer to our state’s problems need only watch as Prince Andrew starts pushing his name to become President. We know this is just a stepping stone for Cuomo, he won’t be around when he helps to dig us deeper into debt. He’s the one with no solutions. Remember, he didn’t say a word until now. He looks pretty scared if you ask me. Watch the news clips of him yesterday. He acts as though he is a Prince. Note how cocky he is as he addresses memebers of the media. I bet he ran to Daddy last night in tears.

  8. Steve permalink

    Oh and one last thing…Carl a racist? Look at what the guy has done to help the poor, and yes there are some poor black people. Watch over the next couple of days, see who knows Carl is not a racist. Enjoy!

  9. Jacob permalink

    Alan, the people in this community know that Paladino has always hired minorities and is one of the biggest advocates of reform for the Buffalo City Schools. As much as you keep trying, I believe that is why the “racist” or “bigot” label isn’t sticking as much as you would like (at least locally) for forwarding along those emails that were sent to him. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely important to know, but for to continue to paint Paladino as “racist” every chance you get because of the email story gets annoying.

    We get it, he forwarded along awful emails. It was stupid and juvenile…. but the political establishment from both sides of the aisle have NYS Govt really F*cked up, Alan. I want a guy in there that wants to clean house and make dramatic sweeping changes in the shortest period of time. Is he bit crazy?.. Maybe. Can he be crude? Sure. And the fact that he is only going for one term makes voting for this guy that much more appealing… Do you really mean he doesn’t ever have to worry about getting re-elected??? No way!

    And the thought of a Buffalo guy, born and raised, is this close to the NYS Governor’s seat is remarkable. I don’t think we will ever see it again at least in my lifetime.

    Speaking as a registered democrat in an overwhelmingly democratic state, I think the fact that he has contributed to past democrats’ campaigns and called our last Republican governor a “degenerative idiot” makes him more electable by the non-republicans. I believe it makes his case that he is truly an outsider.

    The horse in Carl’s email is dead and you guys at seem to still be beating it day after day in some way or another.

    The relentless always one-sided angle you guys consistently take on Paladino make it seem like is taking money from political hitmen. Does that kind of thing ever happen? It is an honest question. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes with these kind of blogs. It would explain a lot I guess.

  10. What a harpy.

  11. WNYmedia is a petri dish of typical Liberal smears…

  12. Matt (not Margolis) permalink

    I asked this on one of Alan’s posts and never got a real response, so I’ll ask it here as well: Spitzer was villified by republicans for cheating on his wife with prostitutes and was essentially forced to resign. Paladino has admitted that he cheated on his wife and conceived an illegitimate child. Based on the logic, should Paladino even be running for that same office? It seems quite hypocritical to me….

  13. There is a difference. For one thing the issue was not about infidelity. There is a a difference between personal indiscretions and breaking federal law.

    It’s just like the whole Clinton thing. It wasn’t “about sex.” It was about him lying under oath.

    Here’s a quick link for you see how Spitzer’s actions actually broke laws.

  14. Steve permalink


  15. Matt (not Margolis) permalink

    I will give you that (although Spitzer was never charged), however infidelity should absolutely be considered, especially since the sanctity of marriage is a core republican value. I can’t take Paladino seriously being against gay marriage/civil unions when he himself has made a mockery of the institution of marriage. I’m not calling you a hypocrite, but can you say the same about Carl?

  16. that’s an interesting trap to set for Republicans. But then again, Democrats don’t always abide by their party platform either. Either way, I doubt anyone would argue that family values are so irrelevant to the Democrats that infidelity is acceptable.

    Of course, there are potential ethical issues there, so let’s look at it another way.

    If Republicans are a “family values” party and all those guilty of infidelity are unfit for office for breaking that core value, then what about wealthy Democrats? For a party that calls itself the party of the poor, of the little guy, do you consider personal wealth when choosing a democrat for office?

    There are plenty of examples (with either party) ranging from moral, ethical and legal issues that could be used to make the same case you are trying to make. But, I doubt you’ll find any candidate or voter who defines him/herself on just one issue.

    Personal shortcomings certainly come into play, but each individual voter has to decide how much that is weighed in their decision making. To make an argument that one candidate ought to be disqualified or whatever because of infidelity, but another candidate not solely on the basis of party, then that is just beyond ridiculous.

  17. Ben permalink

    Carl Paladino is down thirty points. I am pretty sure you didn’t underestimated him.

    Refusing to recognize Islam as a first amendment protected religion is insane.

    Have a good night.

    Your ability to read polls is as bad as your grammar. But you’re right: that thing Paladino doesn’t believe truly is insane.

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