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Thurman Thomas says Carl Paladino is No Racist

by on September 18, 2010

The people who love calling Carl Paladino a racist probably weren’t too thrilled when they heard  that former Buffalo Bills star Thurman Thomas endorsed Paladino in a video put out by the campaign:

This just goes to show you that  Carl’s critics who want him branded a racist either are totally ignorant, or when it comes specifically to his local critics, who know very well of his philanthropies with poor and minorities communities, they are just flat out lying.

But hey, what’s a little character assassination, as long as it helps a Democrat get elected?

One Comment
  1. Steve permalink

    As I said yesterday, Paladino is not a racist. Thurman was never shy about calling out someone, so here’s proof. Carl does the ENTIRE community right. Now who was that candidate that Cuomo ran against who claimed he was a racist?

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