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Quinnipiac Poll: Cuomo's Lead Down To 6 Points

by on September 22, 2010

It appears that what was once considered “conventional wisdom” is irrelevant now.

For months, Andrew Cuomo has been considered the inevitable next governor of New York. Well, a new Quinnipiac Poll shows that support for Paladino has surged, and Cuomo’s once ridiculously comfortable double-digit lead has dwindled down to a mere six points.

New York Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino surged in the polls after winning his party’s nomination and now trails Democrat Andrew Cuomo by 6 percentage points, Quinnipiac University said.

A Buffalo real estate developer and Tea Party supporter, Paladino is favored by 43 percent of likely voters, compared with 49 percent for Cuomo, the state attorney general. In late August, before Paladino was the nominee, a Quinnipiac poll had Cuomo leading by 60 percent to 23 percent.

Now, this may be a temporary bump, or could be the result of forward moving momentum. Whatever it is, any poll showing the race within 10 points means Cuomo cannot take this election for granted.  This poll means that he has to debate Carl Paladino. It also means that Republicans need to unite behind Paladino because there is clearly a chance to win this thing. With an enthusiasm gap greatly benefiting Republicans this year, the prize is certainly in reach.


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  1. This can’t be good news for Higgins…

  2. The 2010 midterm elections are usually here, and most expect Republicans for making big gains in both equally chambers of Congress. While prevailing opinion holds which the GOP will take on the House of Representatives, there are some dissenters among national politicians. The Senate outlook is much more messy, but it is usually accepted that Republicans experience a steeper climb to take back the upper chamber.

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