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Paladino vs. The New York Post

by on September 30, 2010

Even supporters of Carl Paladino ought to recognize that Carl’s reaction to the New York Post’s Fred Dicker was not a good one. This story, coming  just after a Marist poll was released indicating a sizable percentage of New Yorkers think Carl is unfit to serve, doesn’t help him.

But, then again, how would you react if, as Paladino’s campaign manager Michael Caputo explained, Carl’s anger with the New York Post is because of a phone call he received last Friday that “a photographer, videographer and reporter from the Post were on the lawn of his daughter’s house.”  According to the Buffalo News story,

Paladino drove to the house Friday morning to “shoo” the Post team away. Caputo said the photographer had the lens of her camera up to the window of the house taking pictures of the inside.

If this is what happened, then Carl’s anger, in my opinion is justified, even if his public reaction was not entirely appropriate, given he is a candidate for governor.  That said, Paladino can make this story work for him, if he turns it into an indictment of the media, which the public mistrusts anyway, for invading the privacy of his daughter.


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