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Slaughter Slanders

by on January 17, 2011

Louise Slaughter needs to cool down. One of the most embarrassingly partisan House members could start a new career as an expert on how to check a nasty political environment via making unforgivably obnoxious remarks. But she would have to repent first.

Until then, the remorseless sectarian’s response to the Arizona shooting mysteriously included a wholly irrelevant call to not be passionate about politics or use innocuous comparisons. Ignore that the diabolical lie that Sarah Palin is connected to the massacre is as credible as a September 11 truther website:

“Frankly what I’d like to see—is–if we could all get together on both sides of the aisle and really talk about what we can do to cool down this country. Part of that has to be what we hear over the air waves,”…Slaughter said.

I partially agree: all citizens ought to back Slaughter in her efforts to stop saying stupid stuff. By contrast, she’s presently setting a helpful bad example. Her Royal Slaughterness could make this nation better if she only monitored what she says and does. All Slaughter has to do to improve is be less like herself.

For one, the eternal congresswoman got her name known nationally thanks to a manipulatively disgusting sob story about a constituent using her dead sister’s dentures. A woman who makes (not earns) a congressional salary failed to explain why she didn’t help the less fortunate woman with a personal charitable contribution.

Failing that, Slaughter could have directed the alleged fake teeth swapper to a dentist who offered to help, namely her 2010 opponent. It was sad to miss an opportunity for bipartisanship.

Still, the Polident anecdote was trivial compared to her most notorious Constitution-flaunting moment. Specifically, Slaughter’s attempt to avoid a difficult House vote for a widely-despised health care bill through “deem and pass” did more to contribute to a toxic political environment than every Glenn Beck episode ever broadcast.

Despite her thoroughly dubious record, every day is a chance to start anew. On a related note, perhaps Slaughter could improve the present rhetorical tone by not shamelessly using colleague Gabrielle Giffords’s shooting to push her own leftist firearm-related agenda:

A vocal proponent of gun control, Slaughter discussed her concerns about the suspect, Jared Lee Loughner, being able to purchase a gun in Arizona. “This is such a glaring case of someone that everybody who knew (the suspect) knew he was not well, and yet he was able to simply go to the store and buy a gun,” she said.

Perhaps it would have been better if a deranged murderer with no regard for the law had driven a car into the crowd. But Slaughter isn’t just under the delusion that limiting access to guns will improve our safety: she wants to reduce your radio programming access, too.

To be precise, her call to limit free speech delivered through radio microphones by calling for the Fairness Doctrine’s revival is as irrelevantly ominous as it is inappropriate. To be fair, Slaughter doing whatever she feels it takes to extend federal control will surprise no one who’s followed her career.

Of course, we could actually cool down this country’s political atmosphere by, say, not blaming an author and television news pundit who doesn’t hold an elected office for the actions of a homicidal madman. O.J. will find the real killer before Palin’s enemies uncover evidence that she was linked in any way to the massacre.

But a dearth of facts won’t discourage the obliviously frothing hypocrites who call for more lukewarm discourse as they simultaneously hurl untrue accusations at their opponents.

Regardless, this isn’t a call for Slaughter to tone down her political language even with her deplorable history of utterances in mind. In fact, she should increase the temperature and say whatever crass and logically indefensible ideas pop in her demented mind.

Don’t moderate yourself, Louise: let us know what you really think, as such delusional bluntness makes it that much easier to shred your positions. Those horrified by the things you say will promise to remain similarly unrestrained, with the difference being that their criticisms will actually have a point.

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