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Burning Bridges

by on January 27, 2011

Mo Hassan just can’t stop enhancing Islam’s image. In addition to founding Bridges TV to present us with pro-Muslim programming, he’s also proving that members of one of the great faiths can serve as attorneys despite a complete lack of legal training. His positive contributions almost counter how he’s on trial for disconnecting his wife’s head from her neck:

On Day four in the Mo Hassan, the Judge has decided that the defendant can act as his own attorney.  This revelation came after lawyers on both sides met with the Judge behind closed doors.

You know you’re a difficult homicide defendant if even a lawyer won’t defend you anymore:

Judge Thomas Franczyk says the “bottom line is he does have the right to steer his own ship, even if he is steering it into an iceberg.” Reluctantly, I am going to grant Mr. Hassan’s wish to represent himself.”


Judge Franczyk acknowledged fundamental strategic differences between the defendant and his attorney.  Over the weekend, the Judge says he had a chance to review the requests made last week. “Case studies do say that the defendant has the right to counsel of his choice, even if that counsel is himself,” said the Judge.  He added that the court has to be aware of the “wily defendant” who may be trying to delay and manipulate the process.

Does anyone know a counselor with even fewer qualms about morality than usual? Unless Jackie Chiles is available, Hassan is flying solo.

His faith in himself might not be the example of secluded meditation that the religion of peace is attempting to portray. That said, it is thrifty to not pay a counselor, which is a good example to follow no matter where one worships.

But Hassan’s baffling exercise in self-reliance is only the latest miserable detail to emanate from Western New York’s most sordid trial in recent memory. The patriotic Muslims in Lackawanna who blew in the cowards who warped their beliefs and trained to attack from within must be seething.

Hassan keeps counteracting worthwhile efforts. He prominently attempted to counter the portrayal of his religion as one infested with medieval-minded primitive honor stalkers. But he, mildly, self-contradicted his intent.

And he keeps going. To wit, he is acting like a lunatic during the trial to determine if he is the one who murdered his wife using the most savage method imaginable. And you thought attempting to portray himself as the victim served as his rock bottom moment.

As for the representation of his faith, Islamist apologists constantly attempt to assure us that a widespread terror movement isn’t widespread, terrorizing, or a movement.

Perhaps it’s coincidental that more than a handful lone nuts who have murdered or attempted to murder as many innocent people as possible pray in the same direction five times per day. Also, random chance could explain how 19 lone nuts just happened to board the same four flights on September 11, 2001.

But erstwhile community leader and spouse decapitator Hassan isn’t quite helping dispel perceptions that a small percentage of Muslims are still fighting battles with figurative or literal scimitars. We’re left wondering what it is about this particular faith that inspires frightening sliver of adherents to attack huge crowds and/or nuclear family members.

As for court proceedings involving one of the naughtiest attackers in question, there may be no surprise witnesses, shocking plot twists during questioning, or putting the system on trial. What’s important is that, if Hassan does not successfully defend himself, he won’t be able to behead any more wives; that would prevent further damage to his religion in the realm of public relations. Now, if Hassan possesses any sense, he’ll plead insanity on his client’s behalf.


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