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Lowering Taxes, Learning Manners

by on February 22, 2011

Those who want to rip off the wealthy also talk during movies. Churlish attitudes apply universally, which explains why those who feel entitled to grab what belongs to others are so impolitely boisterous about it. Why wait one’s turn to speak when one is convinced one knows what’s right?

Such professional interrupters must speak up if someone points out that, oh, New York would look like a statewide Detroit if we extend high tax percentages on the richest among us. Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to grasp this notion, which endlessly irritates the sort of class acts who interrupt anytime they disagree with a point being made.

Take New York City Councilman and racist commie Charles Barron. He just couldn’t wait his turn or use his indoor voice to tell the governor that he sees things differently:

A New York City councilman and other protesters chanting “Tax the rich” disrupted a speech by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo was speaking at the Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators annual dinner when Democratic Councilman Charles Barron walked to the front of the Albany Convention center, shouting “Shame on you” and “Stop the cuts” at the governor.

Barron unwittingly reminded everyone that refusing to behave correlates with being patently wrong. By contrast, those with manners inevitably choose an issue’s right side. Please notice this, thank you.

Nice folks are stuck confronting discourtesy from a conventional radical. For those lucky enough to be unfamiliar with Barron’s repellent body of work, he’s essentially a poor man’s Al Sharpton who blessedly never made himself known past New York’s boroughs.

Of course, Sharpton’s no poor man himself, as he has gotten rich by proclaiming that America is a fundamentally unjust place where people like him can’t catch a break. Unsurprisingly, he’s whining at an excessively high decibel level about Cuomo’s present wise austerity, too.

As for Baron von Barron, we shouldn’t expect much from a former Black Panther, especially one who brags about such an ignoble past. It’s one thing to subscribe to criminally ludicrous beliefs while relatively young. But Barron never got wiser.

What’s especially appalling is that alleged black leaders’ approach to the culture of dependency is to demand more of it. Economic and cultural bankruptcy are both byproducts of expecting the government to coddle its citizens. But maybe another indefinite handout will help. Right, gents?

Thankfully, the race manipulators are losing what once would have been certain allies. Mario’s kid has seemingly been mugged by reality, as he shrewdly recognizes that maintaining high confiscation rates on the wealthy would reduce the number of wealthy people around from whom to confiscate.

Lowering those percentages would be even better for liberty and the economy, but baby steps still count as progress. Of course, the pecuniary climate might not have sunk to Buffalo Bills-style depths if the gubernatorial incumbent hadn’t pushed to loosen mortgage lending standards as Housing and Urban Development Secretary.

His unlimited free housing for everyone approach has turned out unwell, and his minor-league penance won’t reverse the nation’s sorrowful financial course. Still, it might keep his home state from going Greek before California or Illinois do.

But income hustlers don’t appreciate the effort. Even worse, they’re just ungracious. This isn’t some self-righteous college punk wearing a Che shirt and the wretched stink of patchouli heckling a conservative during a speech delivered at some random Ivy League institution: Barron is, at least by age, a grown man who actually has constituents.

It’s not unmannerly to point out what a horse’s ass he is. There’s no wonder why this state is such a mess. Thank fellow residents who keep voting for rude revolutionaries to represent them.

Barron’s foes are too classy to interrupt his speeches with obnoxious shouting. It’s true no matter how much he deserves it.

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