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Wrong Number

by on February 24, 2011

The Buffalo Beast doesn’t make its totally dignified opinions available in print anymore. But we can still get them on record online. For example, the internet daycare center made sort-of news after one of their staffers made a prank call that might have been too mature for junior high brats.

Pretending to be one of the Koch brothers on the phone doesn’t quite seem like an interesting hobby. But someone thinks it’s worthwhile. As a result, we know that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s biggest shortcoming is being courteous enough to accept a call from someone sympathetic to his cause and take a person at his word.

The unwitting Borat-style victim patiently nodded along while smiling. It’s Walker’s fault for trusting that someone was who he said he was, even if it’s someone he doesn’t know.

The bombshell from the conversation is that Walker says the same things in private that he does in public. All we needed to glean that information was a prank from a member of the Koch-obsessed left. They coincidentally overlap with Palin Derangement Syndrome sufferers and frothing W. haters. I bet they know lots of “Teabagger” jokes!

Attention should be focused on the dialer, not the recipient. The fraudulent call was perpetrated by someone responsible for churning out nuanced, reasonable, and compelling pieces such as the one named “(Bleep) the Troops,” only without using “Bleep.” It’s always fascinating to see what sort of class acts the left admires for allegedly speaking truth to power.

The only truth is that the perception of Walker hasn’t changed. Undercover conservatives reveal Planned Parenthood helps pimps get underage abortions. Undercover liberals reveal Walker is polite. We’ve discovered that Wisconsin’s governor has ideals to which he’s adhering.

The prank call was embarrassing, but not for Walker. Other than his slacker staffers who need to screen calls better, the real mortification should be felt by those who go to the trouble of misrepresenting themselves to learn nothing.

But they’ll feel nothing. The poor man’s Crank Yankers moment was a non-story, unless proper phone screening tops one’s issues list. That won’t stop easily-impressed knee-jerk Republican loathers from thinking that the call really stuck it to The Man.

Unfortunately for them, The Man in question refused to be goaded into saying anything exciting after oh so maliciously accepting a call from someone he believed to be a supporter.

He notably didn’t say anything obnoxiously insulting. Certainly, there was nothing that would belong in the pages of an online tabloid that was previously most famous for despising both the war and the warriors.

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