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Gaga Waah Waah

by on March 7, 2011

Concertgoers want to be entertained, not berated. That’s true even if one holds a broad definition of entertainment. Take Lady Gaga fans, who apparently enjoy disposable songs one forgets as soon as they conclude. Her computerized, synchronized crimes against music would be loathsome if they were even marginally memorable.

Those present at the boringly provocative diva’s recent Buffalo show were exposed to something even worse than her vocalizing. In a break from “singing,” Gags urged her minions in the audience to look up an email address so they can advocate on behalf of her pet cause:

Everyone who attended Lady Gaga’s concert Friday night at HSBC arena was urged to contact Senator Mark Grisanti to address the New York State Marriage bill.

Lady Gaga gave out Sen. Grisanti’s government e-mail address and encouraged concert-goers to send e-mails asking him for help to pass the bill. She also posted his e-mail address to her Facebook.

What a shame: during the time she took to research and post that update, she could have taken a singing lesson. Her inattention to her alleged craft hints at a broader problem of woefully misplaced focus. Namely, she’s deluded enough to think her opinion is important.

It’s particularly annoying to cope with a celebrity delivering a lecture on behalf of a trendily politically correct cause. Someone as open-minded as Ms. Gaga would undoubtedly be fine with a fellow vocalist disrupting a set to harangue the paying crowd about the need for lower taxes, fewer abortions, or the preservation of the notion that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Nah. Gags is one of those celebrity lefties who is intolerant anyone who they perceive as being sufficiently tolerant. To wit, she’s comfortable accusing anyone who disagrees with her of indulging in hate spelled with the numeral eight.

For them, it’s only okay to aitch-ate those with whom you disagree. There’s naturally no assumption among such attention mongers that reasonable people can disagree and still hold genuine, respectable opinions.

She seems to feel that anyone who dissents with the notion that people are, according to her typically unbearable tune “Born This Way,” must simply despise those who are different. There will be no respect offered to those who accept gays while disagreeing that it’s a civil rights violation to stand against efforts which would permit them to wed.

The Lady’s fouls extend past her execrable tracks. Her shrill tone contributes to a noxious political atmosphere where everyone who disagrees with the left is a sexist racist homophobe.  Also, don’t forget they’re hatemongers, too. It goes without saying that the same Gitmo-embracing fascists also loathe the president for his skin color, not his detrimentally counterproductive policies.

Of course, it’s fine to have opinions on any given issue and express them in an appropriate forum. What’s curious is sharing them just because one happens to be holding a microphone. Ticket holders at have every right to not expect a sermon at an alleged entertainment event.

She should leave her poor fans alone. If Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta thinks it’s important to push same-sex matrimony, she should get a blog.

Or, she could tweet. Wait: she’s already done that. At least she’s learned that the best way to get people to pay attention to one’s cause is to include an obnoxiously trashy picture of oneself. How articulate! Like the rest of her self-aggrandizing shtick, removing garments as a substitute for making an argument fails to shock.

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