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Lonely in WNY

by on March 28, 2011

The free market is best seen at work when the free market isn’t allowed to work. People are always free to shop or toil elsewhere if they dislike how they’re being treated by a particular store or employer, respectively.

But citizens can just leave completely if a place itself impedes income generation. For example, numerous folks have chosen to not reside in an area that has neglected to meet their capitalistic needs:

All eight Western New York counties suffered population declines during the past decade, according to new figures released Thursday afternoon by the U.S. Census Bureau.

And don’t just blame people heading from downtown to the North- or Southtowns. They’re landing way past Tonawanda or Hamburg:

The region had 1,544,794 residents in April 2010, down 2.9 percent from April 2000, based on the bureau’s official count.

While dwellers are not merely fleeing the Queen City proper, Buffalo itself has still seen lots of good neighbors flee:

The region’s largest city, Buffalo, also lost population. It had 261,310 residents in April 2010, down 10.7 percent from 10 years earlier.

Buffalo’s inability to retain people is apparently contagious. And the state’s left end can’t blame the drain on people leaving New York in general:

The local decline was contrary to the statewide trend. The population of New York state, as a whole, grew by 2.1 percent during the decade. Its April 2010 total was 19,378,102.

Maybe being caught by Rochester will be Buffalo’s moment of clarity. As it stands, the area is demonstrating the drawbacks of ample elbow room.

Western New York never learns. For example, Buffalo is the city that, say, relied on federal funds to build the Commercial Slip, then wonders why it took so long and why it didn’t fix the city.

The answer will become apparent as soon as observers determine why tearing up Main Street to build the wholly unnecessary Metro Rail for 73 jillion dollars failed to help the area.  The project’s inanity still stings.

And bribing new companies is the worst way to replace old ones. Corporate welfare takes money from everyone else in order to make life cushy for individual companies.

Local leaders struggle to determine why sponsoring conglomerates hasn’t kept large patches of the area from remaining barren. And there’s only so much more to take from so relatively few denizens.

Buffalo sets the area’s sluggish tempo. Unfortunately, Western New York’s vanguard is notorious for relying upon brutal taxes, brutish regulations, and the assumption that federal money will fix the ensuring problems.

Liberals should be happy: they won. Western New York offers a glimpse of the future for those planning to stick an Obama ’12 sticker on their Prius bumpers next to their Coexist ones. They can already see what extended meddling will bring.

Entrepreneurship is a rarity for a reason in the particular corner of the state in question. Why not just start a business or work somewhere that creates fewer headaches?

More and more people are seeing the ruinous effects of the inability to respond to circumstances with anything more than more government. Barring a fundamental course change, there will be fewer people to rip off and boss around after every census. Unfortunately, that will have to pass for optimism.

One Comment
  1. Al Belardinelli permalink

    Oppressive rules, regulations, constant gov. interference and choking taxation makes me “Mad As Hell”! Why don’t we quit bitchin and take the play away from politicians?
    In May we are holding a “Mad As Hell Rally” at Mountain View Resort in the rolling hills near Monticello, NY to inspire our patriotic movement. Carl Paladino will be addressing many of the ills that plague NYS and America. Hopefully the “Mad As Hell Rally” will help us find ways to find solutions.
    Carl is not doing this for political or personal gain. He is acting as a fellow patriot. If the spirit moves you please send a note (short and sweet) of encouragement to Carl.

    Al Belardinelli

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