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The Suddenly Heartless Governor

by on April 7, 2011

Andrew Cuomo had better get used to being despised. His astounding willingness to follow through on cutting the budget means he’s going to be labeled a school-hater who wants to doom children to living under viaducts thanks to auditorium-sized classrooms. On a related note, he’s getting grief for educational job cuts he claims won’t even need to be made:

Gov. Cuomo dismissed threats of teacher layoffs Wednesday as budget “propaganda.”

Cuomo took issue with Mayor Bloomberg and other school officials who argued that state budget cuts would require cuts in teaching jobs.

“Now that is a premise that you are assuming because you’re responding to what I believe is propaganda during the budget debate,” Cuomo responded to a reporter.

Is that all they got? They should have accused him of being a childophobe (noun: one who fears or hates children; see also “Republican” [source- Nancy Pelosi’s glossary]). And Kid Cuomo obviously also wants to destroy the future by (not really) laying off a few math instructors. The foes of reasonable budget reductions should have taken a cue from bitchy Bloomberg:

When Cuomo was asked if Bloomberg – who has warned of more than 4,600 layoffs – was dispensing propaganda and if he felt any city layoffs would be necessary, the governor responded:

“We’ll see what happens, finally.”

Unfortunately, a Cuomo spokesman clarified that His Gubernatorialness was talking about advocacy groups and not the Munchkin Mayor:

A Bloomberg spokesman accepted Vlasto’s explanation.

“The governor’s office has made it clear he wasn’t talking about the Mayor,” said spokesman Marc LaVorgna.

No: go ahead and talk trash about Bloomberg! His thin skin paired with his truculently baffling take on events mean that he’s just asking for it. Eh, the governor is new to being demonized for being sensible, so give him time.

A career as a doctrinaire liberal must make sort-of crossing the line into reality feel particularly strange. But he better get ready, as the predictable taunting will get exponentially worse.

If he actually keeps not acting liberally, Cuomo will eventually hear about how he thrives on shoving grandmas and orphans into snow banks for profit. Such a hobby is of course fun for mean wealthy tycoons. But they’re going to make a buck when they get the chance, too. If you don’t understand how they add to their riches in such a manner, it just means you’re part of the oppressed class.

Mr. Sandra Lee just needs to remember that he’s doing far more for kids by not annually spending a fortune on each of them. He’s shrewdly working to create a sober financial climate so that this state won’t be mega-bankrupt by the time they enter the workforce.

The government is supposed to create the circumstances that allow for prosperity, not to overspend in the hopes of creating same prosperity. By attempting to spend less of the people’s money, Cuomo risks being accused of canning teachers for the fun of it.

But leaders should recognize that the quality of their decisions can be measured by the shrillness of their foes. Getting lumped in with the likes of Scott Walker and Paul Ryan can be considered part of Cuomo’s penance for everything he did in politics before 2011.

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