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You Do Know Jack

by on May 13, 2011

In Jack Davis’s defense, swinging at someone asking him a question after dodging a debate might only be tied for the worst thing he’s done in the lead-up to NY-26’s special election. Sure, it was a bit of a flop by the recipient. But the cameraman’s Danny Briere-style dive shouldn’t keep Davis from getting two minutes by himself, too.

And the fact that the cameraman was his opponent’s chief of staff just means that he swung while yelling “Get off my lawn!” at the wrong person. Showing that the prototypical pushy old man doesn’t have the sense or patience to say “No comment” should earn the off-duty staffer a Starbucks gift card as a reward.

The man who helps make “unprincipled candidate” redundant turned a special congressional race into a sideshow. It’s not fitting for one of the most normal districts we have. Why couldn’t Chris Lee have left on his damn shirt?

Davis is in the Jack Davis Party. He’s made a second career out of changing allegiances as frequently as some change lanes in an effort to advance the policy goal of getting himself power.

Most appallingly, he shamefully and shamelessly claimed the Tea Party mantle in an attempt to hoodwink the 26th district by pretending to believe in limited government. In reality, he only believes in saying whatever it takes to advance.

Davis is the kind of guy who became a Packers fan with a few seconds left in the last Super Bowl. His sundry affiliations confuse many, which explains why at least the pre-shove Davis had been running close in a race that should be a Republican gimme.

Even his supporters oscillate between thinking he’s fantastic and dishonorable. You can’t blame them for being baffled.

But there’s still time to clarify that Davis is nothing more than a less orange Charlie Crist. For one, foes are buying ads pointing out who he is and what he’s like. Of course, Davis just made the best anti-Davis ad possible. He’ll mess you up if you film and query him.

This is a most unnecessary fight. It’s bad enough that conservatives are caged in a New York State-sized shark tank. But the loneliness is exacerbated when liberalism’s foes can’t find and unite behind one candidate who represents their beliefs.

Supporting Jane Corwin is without question the best option, unless you agree with Kathy Hochul when she fairly and rationally told her opponent that “You don’t care about a 10-year-old girl with leukemia.” She’s as classy in her way as Davis.

The altercation might thankfully end the two-front attack on Corwin. But Davis’s unprincipled egotism still has the potential to make the GOP nervous about what should be a safe seat. At least he might serve as a cautionary tale to any Republican who’s even thinking Trump.

Hopefully, a physical manifestation of Davis’s brazen pushiness means he has as much of a chance of being a player in the election as Lee does. His lame pugnacity will help him get the vote percentage he deserves.

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