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Buyback Blowback

by on May 20, 2011

Hopefully, criminals weren’t watching Buffalo’s latest gun buyback too closely, as they could have seen who turned in their best chance at self-protection for the lure of a couple bucks. The showily empty attempt at pretending to fight crime will leave many people defenseless. At least participants may have found places to pray for safety:

Police in Buffalo, N.Y. have collected more than 600 guns in a one-day gun buyback at seven churches scattered around the city.

The Associated Press helpfully used non-inflammatory, totally unbiased language to show how much they despise evil firearms:

The no-questions-asked program on Saturday yielded rifles, handguns and even a 12-guage [sic] “street sweeper” assault rifle. Participants received between $10 and $100 for their weapons.

If there were “no-questions-asked,” then how does the AP hack know that the rifles were going to be used in assaults? The curiously partisan reporter also just knew that the exchanged guns were being used to sweep streets, as the street slang goes.

But the claim falls apart regardless of the participant. If a criminal turned in the rifle, he’ll just illegally rearm; if it was an upright citizen, there was never any danger.

It’s no wonder that even the mayor knows that the attempt to de-gun his jurisdiction was futile:

Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown tells The Buffalo News that he believes many of the guns were turned in by residents of suburbs outside the city.

Brown said it’s good to get the guns off the streets, wherever they came from.

So, the swap may not have reduced the gun quantity in Buffalo as much as hoped. But so what? After all, there are extremely negligent parents and thieves who could swipe guns dwellings in Cheektowaga and Amherst, too:

The mayor said that guns can easily get into the hands of children, or they can be stolen in burglaries.

As with all misguided gun control advocates, Brown blames the devices instead of the people. We shouldn’t expect much from the sort of baffled politician who thinks an attempted murder-suicide could have been prevented if only the deceased had participated in the buyback.

Who knew that the perpetrator could only try to end life with that particular gun? Deliberately crashing a car or putting bleach in the coffee pot was apparently never a possibility.

Regardless, awful parents are the problem when it comes to the hands of children. Anyone who would let a child near an unsupervised gun would also be utterly careless enough to leave whiskey and rat poison where Junior can grab them.

And maybe Brown should have the city’s police officers target burglars instead of worrying that the latter might take items to be used while committing future crimes. The important factor for felons is the will to be naughty.

That rotten impulse doesn’t disappear among society’s hooligans even if same malicious types participated in the city-sanctioned gun sale. The gun, knife, baseball bat, broken whiskey bottle, ninja stars, or mighty fists used during lawbreaking aren’t the problem: the users are.

In fact, the buyback illustrates the opposite of the discredited “Saturday night special” notion. Conversely and perversely, residents may have left themselves unprotected thanks to the lure of quick cash.

The folly of trying to stop crime by offering a token fee to those who relinquish firearms has been going on for awhile in Buffalo. As always, all such programs do is disarm innocent people while giving them a little money for armed robbers to target. It may surprise Mayor Brown to learn that bad people remain bad no matter how many houses of worship host gun buybacks.

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