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An Especially Special Election

by on May 25, 2011

All it took for Kathy Hochul to win an outlying district in an otherwise navy blue state was a scandalous Republican resigning due to his propensity to misplace his shirt while pursuing adulterous liaisons, a divisive third party candidate who diverted just enough attention and votes to make a ignominious difference, and the GOP contender wallowing in nonchalance.

Of course, that makes her victory in New York’s 26th Congressional District a referendum on Medicare. It’s at least true to those who have been longing for wins since November.

The Democratic gain reflects the sentiment shared by all those who reside in areas coping with messed-up representation situations. Republicans should be disappointed but not distraught, as the circumstances seen in Area 26 will reappear about the same time New York starts regaining electoral votes.

The really big news is that Jack Davis finally won an election. Unfortunately, he won it for Hochul. His disreputable obsession with glorifying himself allowed a Democrat to win with less than 50 percent of the vote. Ross Perot is undoubtedly pleased.

Davis can be proud of himself for affecting politics in such a manner. Sure, he didn’t win. But his ego will be satisfied enough by getting around nine percent, as he lamentably made a difference.

Let’s not forget the winner’s galling campaign strategy, too. Hochul’s incendiary remarks about Paul Ryan’s budget indicate that she’s going to spend her brief congressional career trying to catch him stealing insulin from seniors to sell at a handsome profit. Don’t expect anything dignified from someone who claimed that her main opponent didn’t care about 10-year-olds with leukemia, a cunning attack that only cost her both decency and dignity.

Her perfectly egregious remarks about Medicare scared enough of the district’s special election selectors to make a difference, even though Ryan spends most of his time explaining how his plan wouldn’t change Medicare for those 55 and older while preserving it for those younger. Thankfully, the same concerned citizens have until a year from November to learn that her charges about Ryan-style Republicans targeting grandmas fall apart more quickly than Chris Lee’s career.

The district’s voters may have just felt left out compared to those portions of the state who get represented by obnoxious demagogues. The Rangels and Weiners seem to get ample media coverage, so why not see if electing a leftist helps?

Or maybe the race was split because it was a liberal versus a charlatan and an okay conservative. Jane Corwin is notably against abortion unless you get one quickly, meaning there wasn’t one genuine pro-life candidate around whom conservatives could rally.

She also should have fought back against Hochul’s outrageous claims while making a case for reforming entitlements so we’re not bankrupted by providing substandard care for our elders. Instead, she decided she would prefer to passively toss away a shot at a prominent six-figure job.

As a result, the Democrats picked up a House seat that they’ll get to hold until November 2012. The 26th District is a prime target for a Republican pickup during the next full-slate election. Democrats just overran their supply lines, and a dull class warfare warrior who parrots standard leftist talking points about “making millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share” shouldn’t order too many congressional business cards.

Of course, hopes of returning the district to normal could be sunk if the criminally incompetent New York State Republican Party picks another underwhelming candidate. Is Dede Scozzafava still around?

  1. Marc permalink

    One thing that I feel swayed some votes was Corwin camp’s handling of the Davis Shoving Video incident. First it was just a volunteer, then they admit it was a staffer then they admit it was the chief of staff. I never saw anything about them condemning the tactic.. This in a time when people were getting really tired of the non-stop attack ads on every channel pushed some people over.

  2. usual voter turnout for ny26 is 250k…
    this election had turnout of only 100k…
    Hocul won with only 48k… 25% of usual voter turnout total…

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