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Not Wed to Gay Marriage

by on June 27, 2011

New York State’s government feels it’s entitled to do whatever the hell they want. They tax at will, regulate reflexively, and stick as many people as possible on the state’s payroll or benefits roster. So, why not change the meanings of words, too?

By definition, marriage involves two genders. But warping reality to meet progressive goals is Albany’s specialty. Our politicians, who as you may have noticed can’t run a state, think they’re entitled to meddle with a cultural, historical, and religious tradition with far greater significance than they seem capable of comprehending.

The meaning of marriage is not something which ought to be decided by a vote of wretched professional interlopers who think the state can do as it pleases. Those who capitulate to their agenda are no better. On that note, the Republicans who voted yes are as spineless as they are useless.

The cavers are bipartisan in the sense that they went along with everything their foes wanted. The religious exceptions included in the bill are like getting an alcoholic to pour out his mixers: they don’t fundamentally affect what’s happening.

As for the man signing the radicalization, Andrew Cuomo may have enough sense to realize the state can’t withstand huge annual property tax increases, although that’s entirely different than actually lowering them. But in the end, he’s still just a dull liberal like daddy.

Thanks to his lead, New York has corrupted an institution that has worked for humans for as long as there have been societies. It’s of course homophobic and full of hate spelled with a capital H and numeral 8 to allow gays to enter civil unions while reserving matrimony for straight couples. As for that view of weddings, it’s only been that way always.

There’s ample bigotry aimed at the alleged bigots who weren’t happy with the bill’s passage. Fans of Albany’s version of social engineering draw parallels between gay and interracial marriage as if sexuality and race are comparable. They act as if life was intolerable for New York’s homosexuals until now. And they disregard that marriage’s default parameters aren’t precisely novel.

The proponents were remarkably insufferable in victory as they expressed pride in where they were from for what in some cases may have been the first time ever. They complain of intolerance while being intolerant of those with whom they disagree, often expressed through speculation about the home lives or sexuality of those with whom they disagree. Good luck trying to remember who’s obsessed with private behavior.

The law’s foes aren’t motivated by contempt for fellow citizens who happen to indulge in intragender relationships. They respect the lifestyles of anyone who first goes inside, locks the door, and draws the blinds, gay or straight.

But tolerating private conduct is irrelevant to those who are convinced that it’s a civil rights violation to not let a guy marry another guy. Don’t you know that equality means that everyone is allowed to do anything they want? If others gets to do something that not everyone does, well, NOT FAIR!!! Waaah.

So, a criminally dysfunctional state government has foisted a most extreme change upon a most cherished and thoroughly established convention. But at least Cuomo has ruined his chances of becoming president by stamping his name upon the overthrow of what matrimony is.

Even prototypical social leftist Barack Obama has enough sense to not support such upheaval outright. Until he’s done “evolving,” our president will remain a H8R.

The assurance that we’ll go without a Cuomo presidency for another generation is the lone benefit of a measure where Albany figured out a new way to interfere with our lives. Forcing a new standard upon us is nothing more than intolerance of accepted views.

By unilaterally expanding the category, lawmakers have not only altered but diluted its meaning. They’ve spread around the uniqueness of marriage to the point where it’s not unique anymore.

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