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Job Unfair

by on November 9, 2011

If you’re going to run a city, you may as well run everything inside it, too. Private businesses are just going to screw it up, as seen by how they sometimes go bust. Why elect a mayor if he isn’t willing to provide rather direct supervision over your days?

There’s no reason for the executive to avoid bossing around people just because they don’t work in City Hall. That’s why Buffalo’s mayor is hosting a job fair. The event is good news for people who fretted that one doesn’t have to involve the municipality’s highest-ranking officer to find work:

If you’re looking for a job – or a better job – you’ll want to circle the date of November 10 on your calendar.

Mayor Byron Brown is holding a job fair where local employers will look to fill over 1,200 middle- and entry-level positions in the city of Buffalo. The companies include Geico, Western New York Immediate Care and Embassy Suites.

You can’t blame the participating companies, at least not too much. They should attract talent using their own means. But each is merely coping with circumstances imposed upon them by their overlords. They’re just trying to learn the rules of a rotten game, much like Walmart and General Electric have done nationally with an administration that has made “crony capitalism” redundant.

Still, Monopoly is much less fun to play when the banker also rolls the dice for you. The government’s vigorous entanglement in the economy naturally and sadly leads to events such as the Byron Brown-sanctioned jobsfest.

When politicians call many of the economic shots, they inevitably become involved in every step of production. It’s so bourgeoisie to think that private enterprises can hold recruitment parties instead of letting the government hold their hands.

Still, reactionaries may understandably find it creepy that a mayor is effectively promoting certain commercial concerns that apparently meet his rigorous standards. We’ll have to assume that non-participants have not received his imprimatur and will therefore soon have their plots of land rezoned as landfill.

Cynics just can’t accept that it’s so kind of him to help. Holding a fair seems benevolent, even if it’s not the kind that offers cotton candy for purchase. That sunny feeling is exactly the vibe that your Gracious Leader wants you to experience. Don’t forget your letters of recommendation.

Also, try to ignore that the economy sucks precisely because of overbearing leadership. Apparently, a majority of county voters want the same thing, so they can enjoy the leaders they deserve. Everyone in the minority will just have to cope with yet another intervention-minded leader.

The cattle call distracts from the vacant buildings and desertions that remain a constant feature for Buffalo. Many people don’t have jobs because Byron Brown has his. The city will be a better place when he’s the one looking for work without the next mayor’s help.

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