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Occupy Frostbite

by on December 7, 2011

You can show corporations that they suck by playing in the snow. And why not avoid paying to fire up the furnace by being sanctimonious outdoors? A Western New York winter can’t freeze the sense of entitlement.

Occupy Buffalo will get to fortify its numbers with snowmen thanks to a gift that would be considered most unwelcome by society’s productive components. It looks as if the student loan repayment foes are preparing to continue blotting a public space that used to be most notable for featuring a monument to a slain president:

Occupy Buffalo wants people to know, the weather won’t stop them from their mission.

Once again, WIVB makes whining sound so noble. Working as advocates on behalf of class warfare warriors is much easier than asking sensibly obvious questions, which only those who have enough sense to switch to WGRZ get to see answered. In case you’re worried that the tide has turned against the urban campers, know that they have acquired a glorified tent:

Protestors put up a little protection from the elements.

You may already have driven through Niagara Square and thought to yourself, “What the heck is that big dome thing?”

It’s a geodesic dome, to be precise. And it’s essentially a little warming house for the Occupy Buffalo protesters .

They didn’t pay for it themselves, and you’re very surprised by this fact:

Ordinarily, a dome like this would cost thousands of dollars. But it was given to the Occupiers by an anonymous donor.

Albert Brown of Occupy Buffalo said, “This is somebody who felt strongly about the movement, and wanted to make sure that people stay warm, who’re intending to stay here over the winter.”

Um, it still cost thousands of dollars even if someone else paid for it. Leave it to Occupiers to think that an item is free as long as they’re not handed the bill.

And what’s up with these anonymous donors? They should certainly feel ashamed enough by their support of the Blame Squad to stay private. But in that case, they should just invest their money in more evil manners such as job creation or retail purchases.

You don’t see such incognito funding on the other side: I am darn proud that the Koch brothers pay me in bullion. By contrast, I am darn ashamed that the city is letting this boil fester through the frigidness:

The dome is a pretty hard-to-miss reminder that the Occupiers are in this for the long haul.

Not an idea that the city is really warming up to.

Mayor Byron Brown said, “If we do get a storm it would make sense for them to relocate. Where they are positioned in Niagara Square, for snowplowing purposes, we would not be able to easily put the snow that would be plowed into that area.”

Brown isn’t about to find his balls in any snowbank, either. If he had a set, he would have evicted the professional slackers the moment they whipped out tents. But progressive ideology paired with fecklessness led to his permissiveness toward those who think that what’s ours is theirs.

Their classy hut won’t only smell terrific after about five minutes of housing the protesters: it will also allow them to keep using a public space as a living one. If more upstanding citizens want to spend time in the Square, they should come back… well, never, apparently.

You could possibly view the area from City Hall’s observation deck, assuming Occupiers don’t feel like indefinitely lounging there, too. Brown would not only let them but fetch them hot chocolate and muffins, too.

The prospect of snow should be taken as a sign to go home and get work. But the movement has found yet another way to turn their demands into personal action, namely by expecting others to address their basic needs. Obtaining shelter for oneself is what fat cats do.

Even if there haven’t been ample felonies as at other professional shantytowns, Occupy Buffalo will apparently continue to show how giving people whatever they want means they will keep taking it. At least they’ll finally get what they deserve: when they stick their hands out, they’ll be filled with slush.

One Comment
  1. Dianna Brown permalink

    Doesn’t the constitution give Americans the right to peaceful assembly?? Their protesting is as American as free enterprise or apple pie. Why don’t you apply some of your sour grapes-comments to that imperialist movement, “Occupy America and steal it from the Indians”, that went on a couple of hundred years ago? Contrary to one of your last comments, the white man took what he wanted back then, in spite of the fact it WASN’T given to him–an entire country….you should stop whining about tents and muffins. The rules always seem to change once the pincher gets pinched… according to which pincher is in pinching position at the time! Maybe Mayor Brown understands these things…after all, his forefathers had to endure much worse than slushy snow as blacks fought for their equal rights. Where would Mayor Brown be today had the civil rights movement been stiffled almost 50 years ago by narrow minded non-visionaries such as yourself? I applaud Mayor Brown and the nameless, faceless person, “The Protester”!

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