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Fibbing Into Debt

by on December 14, 2011

Calling a politician a liar is a serious charge, as his words are useless if he purposely reneges on them. So, let’s go ahead and accurately refer to Andrew Cuomo as one. To wit, he’s the governor who deliberately pretended that he didn’t want to take more money from people who are skilled at earning it.

He may be going back on his word by harvesting even more from the state’s most sumptuously-outfitted residents. But at least he’s doing so for a good reason, namely so he can junk the economy.

Maybe Cuomo the Younger is just trying to make his daddy look like less of a job-killing putz by comparison. Otherwise, he really thinks that his new yet old rabid desire to tax people who have made more than you will improve everyone’s finances, which we can only hope isn’t true.

On top of that, his latest actions are fundamentally incompatible his previous words. Consider what the then-new governor once astutely claimed about taxes:

“We can’t raise taxes because we will never attract jobs if New York is the tax capital of the nation.”

As odd as it seems now, something wise once came out of Cuomo’s mouth when he opened it. But that was way back in November 2010; his persistent case of chronic liberalism has flared in the meantime. Now, his word is as valuable as most of this state’s businesses.

Like him, circumstances didn’t really change, unless New York facing massive debt due to massively rampant spending counts as news. With crushing deficits in mind, he didn’t want to suggest anything rash like spending less than at present lunatic rates.

The rather mendacious executive said what he had to while campaigning, namely some sensible things. But you didn’t expect him to keep his word, did you? He couldn’t confiscate more income from those jerky tycoons who employ many of us if he stayed honest.

Unfortunately, decades of experience have shown that everything Cuomos believe is utterly wrong. It’s been a long while since the nickname “Empire State” was not used ironically. Dropping from 47 electoral votes in 1948 to 29 today is the price of a bloated, worthless state administration that never quite gets around to helping its citizens.

At least Cuomo is clever, in his way. The incumbent is perpetrating a cunning strategy of making the unemployment rate appear to drop by creating conditions so miserable that frustrated job-seekers depart for state with less robust governments. A similar strategy has been replicated nationally, with nearly identical phony and miserable results.

Without yet another rich-soaking, we couldn’t remain “the progressive capital of the nation,” which would naturally just be unacceptable. Albany simply must buy things for the lower and fat parts of the bell curve at the expense of people who had the nerve to be more successful than most.

And the governor has a moral obligation to tax the richest among us until they’re as poor as we are.  That will at least work until the targeted class realizes that there are 49 other states from which to choose.

The problem is that we’ve already seen what happens when we get as many people as possible on the government drip. Namely, the rich get frustrated while everyone else feels more entitled, all while the economy nosedives. At least it’s an opportunity to pad the Medicaid rolls.

Of course, Mr. Sandra Lee is used to guiding the economy while pulling a governmental paycheck, with predictably apocalyptic results. Specifically, his ability to curtail the development of urban areas and housing as Housing and Urban Development secretary is still proving to be particularly toxic to all Americans, New Yorkers or not.

Cuomo has merely become more conniving, as seen by his radical role in altering both the economy and matrimony. His effort to foist gay marriage upon the state was just the start of radical social change.

A steeper income tax rate means a shifty left-wing governor gets even more say in how your life will proceed. His willingness to deliberately deceive isn’t even the worst thing about him.

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