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99 Percent Chance of Shivering

by on January 17, 2012

Rumor holds that inclement weather may be an annual event in Buffalo. This year’s scheduled bout with brutally stimulating temperatures also served as a sign, namely that certain grown infants should go stink up someplace indoors that’s also private property.

Occupy Buffalo didn’t seem to realize that it would get chilly around calendar-changing time, which fails to portend well for their ability to make accurate political predictions. Still, the unsurprising frigidity may bring a merciful end to a movement that’s as relevant as a video from the Huntsman daughters.

Even mailmen claim they work through crummy weather. But it’s apparently only worth fighting to plunder the income of others when there are leaves on the ground, not snow:

Though organizers of Occupy Buffalo say the recent cold and snow hasn’t affected them, the recent evidence may suggest differently.

“This snow is not a problem. I don’t know how clearly I can say that,” said Heron Simmonds-Price, an Occupy Buffalo organizer.

Learning of an Occupier’s troubled relationship with the truth is as shocking as finding a sign advocating free tuition in one of their shantytowns. The Buffalo breeze is stronger than the will to publicly demand regular checks from the Treasury as a reward for not figuring how to make much:

Over the past few days, the cold, wind and snow seems to have sent many of the permanent protesters on a winter vacation. Though with recent temperatures dropping into single digits at times and wind gusts reaching over 40 m.p.h., few could blame them.

Still, it’s important to distinguish between lightweights and Occupiers who are hardcore about wanting other people’s money:

Admittedly, Simmonds-Price also added that the movement is made of folks with different preparedness and commitment levels.

Sunday afternoon, most of the tents that dot Niagara Square lay empty, some even sit wide-open, completely “un-occupied”. No protesters could be found outside, and about three were gathered in a large, enclosed tent structure.

Zip the flaps shut, ya goofs! The professional whiners don’t seem to grasp that people can’t see inside tents, which my research indicates tend to be opaque; that tactic only works if the doors are closed.

The weird thing is that they’ve been artificially inflating their attendance numbers for some time by cluttering the public space with sneakily vacant outdoor abodes, so perhaps they’ve just gotten tired and sloppy. As evidence, many are quitting their non-jobs:

Does that mean the movement is losing steam, or just that the cold weather is thinning out the less dedicated? Only time will tell.

Time has already told that their detestable purpose is to seize the gains of other people’s labor. The geodesic entitlement dome was supposed to warm their whiny hides, but temperature-based discomfort is apparently too much to bear in the eternal quest for personal bailouts.

Sure, the protesters could thaw in an office building where they could be paid for doing tasks. But the redistributive policies they advocate will strangle the economy and thus make it even harder to find employment. So, they’d get exactly what they want. Work is for robber barons.

The weather doesn’t matter. Even after Erie County defrosts, they’ll still self-righteously believe that the system should be changed so it’s unfair in their favor. As with Western New York experiencing four seasons every year, some things are entirely predictable.

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