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New York Does the Bare Minimum

by on January 31, 2012

Why not make more? Work is hard enough without being paid less than you think you deserve. Best of all, there’s no possible catch to forcing the guy who signs your checks to issue them in bigger amounts.

Would a buck and a quarter more per hour make you happier? It’s easy for New York’s Democrats to push for a higher wage floor; after all, they wouldn’t be the ones covering the increase:

Assembly Democrats Monday will introduce legislation increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.50 an hour, beginning in 2013, a source told The Post tonight.

Naturally, the mean opposition thinks that the government promising you something good could have negative consequences, because they are not equipped with hearts and thus don’t believe in the power of compassion and love as expressed through making your boss pay you more to run a cash register:

Senate Republicans — and business leaders — are expected to oppose the measure, a Democratic source said, adding it’s not likely to pass.

The pay hike sounds great in the same sense that eating ice cream for dinner is appetizing for kindergartners. The man who has to choke down Sandra Lee’s cooking hasn’t yet revealed if he’s in favor of forcing work to dole out larger sugar rations:

Gov. Cuomo has not indicated his position on the proposed law, but said he wants to make the state more business-friendly.

Cuomo the Younger’s desire to make businesses like our state apparently somehow explains why he raised the state income tax for high earners and no longer bothers to make a show about cutting government to any serious degree. His ability to resist the urge to impose a more expensive mandate on employers will presumably be as strong as his desire to pretend he’s not a liberal.

The measure’s mere suggestion reaffirms that some head to Albany for the sole reason of micromanaging your life. Assembly stooges attempt to tell us what people should make when they’re not deciding what marriage is.

As with their unilateral redefinition of weddings, their economic theories seem to have been developed by humans who are new to society. Let’s hope that their viewpoints arise from mere unfamiliarity with our customs and discoveries.

In reality, people should be able to work for whatever rate to which they can obtain. Just like everything one buys is a negotiation with a seller, one’s wage should be freely agreed upon with an employer.

Companies want good and skilled workers; the bad news for them is that they have to compensate properly. Liberals assume we’d all be making 85 cents per hour without the government’s protection, as if laborers would settle for pocket change while employers in a competitive environment who wanted to attract talent wouldn’t offer bills.

The Assembly thinks it’s humiliatingly absurd for entry-level hopefuls to start low and earn that raise. But bosses are just trying to determine is how much value they can get out of a worker performing his task and compensate him accordingly. Or maybe they pay a small amount because they’re cruel and would rather gold-plate their moats than pay people to do economically useful tasks for them.

The result of the bill moving forward would be fewer jobs, as companies would divide the finite payroll budget among fewer people. But at least the openings would be higher-paying if they existed.

Workers could receive better compensation from millionaires if the latter didn’t have to send more to Albany. But our politicians would rather punish the successful until they learn that making money doesn’t pay.

Socking it to high earners harms those who are earn less. Class-on-class combat assumes that rich people won’t leave and will keep being as productive as they were before our leaders hiked taxes. On top of that, surrendering more to the proven dopes in the capital also means that they’re left with less left to pay janitors and secretaries.

Practitioners of envy similarly figure that employers will happily pay workers more than they may be worth. But a higher minimum wage just leads to a minimum number of starting jobs being available. Those who wage basement laws allegedly help will express their gratitude by desperately selling us their plasma.

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