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Born Differently

by on March 6, 2012

It sucks when any kid gets bullied. Why impose qualifications? Anyone who didn’t feel awkward at that age likely isn’t that fun now, as the outcasts and misfits of secondary school inevitably emerge as the interesting people after graduation.

But what about straight kids? Liberals continue to operate under the assumption that it’s only an emergency when young homosexuals get harassed at school:

A Buffalo high school senior got a chance to meet Lady Gaga and the launch of the Born This Way Foundation held at Harvard.

Vance Stinson, a da Vinci High School senior in Buffalo was selected to attend a workshop series and meet Lady Gaga at Harvard University earlier this week.

“Lady Gaga at Harvard University” may be civilization’s epitaph. Boys who like girls and vice versa want to be themselves, too, but defending them is a cause that just isn’t fashionable:

Stinson, 17, is president of the Gay/Straight Student Alliance at da Vinci.  The Foundation is about youth empowerment. “Be brave, be who you are, don’t be afraid of what is going to happen to you, don’t be afraid to just step out of the box and be yourself,” said Stinson.

He sounds like a nice kid with good intentions. That doesn’t excuse how anti-bullying adults should consider every suicide a tragedy:

He was very touched and pushed forward to make a difference in his school, especially after the death of local teen Jamey Rodemeyer.

It’s horrible what Rodemeyer endured. But a lot of teens are treated like garbage by cruel classmates, and most of the targets learn to cope with it and even thrive despite or because of it. Let the bastards motivate you. Life is full of jerks who are nasty without cause, and dealing with them is a skill everyone must acquire no matter what genitalia they find appealing.

Rights aren’t the mere concern of the gay rights crew. They seek equal treatment when they’re not after special treatment. Meanwhile, they’re simply making confused kids feel even more mixed up by pressuring them to make declarations about their sexuality.

Or maybe you’re a homophobe if you think people are in control of their own decisions. The “NOH8” movement, which uses the power of text message-style spelling to badger anyone who dissents, serves as their nadir.

The duct-tapers presume anyone who thinks a marriage involves two genders can be dismissed as an enemy, as reasonable people cannot merely see issues differently. Why respect those who think that marriage is a cultural and religious institution based upon a man and woman bonding together when you can just brand them as nasty demons? They attempt to stifle opposition when they’re not being tolerant.

Ms. Gaga, who was most assuredly not born this way, should know better than anyone that people choose their own destinies. If the point is to be who you are, it should be a decision, not a realization. The woman born Stefani Germanotta ought to be aware of the ability to control one’s circumstances.

My, she is full of herself, especially for someone who shocks in lieu of entertaining. She ought to practice getting in tune with the goal of someday recording a song that isn’t forgotten the moment one is done listening to it.

For the thoughtless left, a bully is anyone who disagrees with you. That included people who dare to point out that Ms. Gaga’s syncopated paeans to disposable pop are crimes against sound.

She’d like to take a moment to lecture you about who deserves protection once she’s picked out something outrageous to wear. Pretend to be shocked in the same way the media pretends that she’s making high school tolerable.

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