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Get Clean With More Dirt

by on May 8, 2012

People rewarded for being unsuccessful find more spectacular ways to initiate failure, and the trophy-hander-outers somehow get upset when it happens. There’s no reason for voters to pout regarding our eternally woeful economy when they’re the ones who keep selecting candidates who plan the hell out of New York.

Even worse, the incumbents are such bunglers that they need unelected henchmen to help them do their jobs poorly. There are the right people in place to initiate waste, so let’s develop this state, already. With the oh so optimistically proficient leaders involved, the nicest thing to say about the upcoming scheming’s results is that they’ll be predictable:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today announced a 13-member panel to oversee the state’s infrastructure projects and $750 million for the second round of funding for the state’s regional development councils.

He’ll spend our money properly, all right. Finally, this state’s economy will drill back up to the Earth’s crust thanks to three-quarters of a billion dollars taken from earners. Don’t worry about corruption that enriches politically-connected workers, either, as there’s a union bigwig on board:

The NY Works Task Force will help organize the state’s infrastructure projects. It will be co-chaired by Felix Rohatyn, a New York City investment banker who helped bail out New York City from its near bankruptcy in the mid-1970s, and Denis Hughes, the former president of the state AFL-CIO.

The alcoholics get to spend your beer money. The government gets even more tied up in our ever-thriving financial biosphere, so stop worrying about pollution:

“This is now our concept actually becoming a reality and actualizing the government policies we’ve been talking about for many, many months,” Cuomo said at a Red Room news conference at the Capitol.

Ooh, the Red Room, la de da. The hicks who reside along the Thruway must be so impressed. The governor released the details of his elaborate plans just in case anyone was worried that he was serious about initiating reforms to let you make decisions about where your money goes:

Cuomo announced a second round of $750 million will be available in competitive awards for the state’s 10 Regional Economic Development Councils. In the 2012-13 budget, Cuomo allocated $200 million in new grants and tax credits. The rest is expected to come from existing pots of economic development incentives.

Those downriver never concern themselves with the money’s source. But those forced to throw cash in the lake may be displeased to learn the identity of one particularly inauspicious task force member:

Mayor Byron Brown, Mayor of Buffalo

Maybe the Queen City’s chief saphead can ask his Occupy buddies for economic advice. The specialists in parasitical behavior should be willing to offer Brown myriad fascinating theories about why mutual commerce and hard work are mortal sins. After all, they owe him a favor in exchange for how he cravenly let them clog up a precious public space for months in a style befitting of livestock.

It would almost be weird if there weren’t elected putzes involved with the Action Economy Force. To be fair, the present level of power they possess is just not enough.

The panacea is more spending, duh. It resembles how the solution to government money causing tuition to skyrocket astronomically is to throw even more free money at students.

Cuomo is only willing to initiate change when it comes to redefining what civilization has classified as a wedding from its start. He’ll continue to refuse to concede the folly of allowing the state to allot what little cash is around. In fact, Cuomo is doubling down on the baffling theory that the unelected can spend income better than those who earned it.

New York is the frustratingly daft place where reactionaries are the ones who never want to change from state-centered planning. Progress will come in the form of doing the same things that sunk us, only more vigorously. The panel says so.

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