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Pay Up and Butt Out

by on July 10, 2012

Sure, smokers are serious taxpayers. But that doesn’t mean that they’re entitled to rights or anything. The cornucopia of diseases brought about by their delicious hobby isn’t enough punishment: they also need to be ostracized while coughing up cash as well as lungs. Politicians can’t afford to lose them, or at least their revenue. Tobacco users just have to light up in a different continent or galaxy.

Specifically, smokers need to keep paying taxes to fund places where they’re not permitted to smoke. It’s their punishment for engaging in a pastime that the government has made more expensive than meth. The new ban began July 4 so health tyrants could display their finely-crafted sense of irony:

Starting Independence Day, all 120 acres of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) will be smoke free. While many of the institutions already had smoke free policies in place already, others did not.

“It’s important that we create a healthy environment for our patients, visitors and employees,” said BNMC Director of the Healthy Communities Initiative Michael Ball. “The policy is campus wide. This is also part of a bigger initiative to improve the environment on the medical campus.”

To be fair, interdicting your fun is for your benefit: all that secondhand smoke will kill you, according to practitioners of junk science who need to scare us if they’re going to keep their jobs. And the sanctimonious blob is spreading:

Smokers will also be discouraged to light up at Erie County parks and beaches.

The area’s chief busybody wants to let you know that he’s only trying to strongly suggest to you how to run your life:

“Its not like this is a law where people will be ticketed. We’re just letting folks know that smoking is not good for you and second hand smoke is certainly bad for others,” said Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz. “So we’re trying to keep up the awareness and try to lower the amount of smokers.”

We’ll in turn try to limit you to one term, you little fascist creep. We’re trying to keep up the awareness by lowering the quantity of uninformed voters.

It’s bad enough that the campus is telling people what to do in the name of hysteria about personal exhalations. But what’s truly galling is that they receive funding from every government that will hear out their begging. Next, they assume to possess the right to tell you that you can’t light up on what they amusingly consider their property.

The campus elves openly brag about their extensive public funding on their site as if they’re pleased by the relative lack of voluntary investors. Perhaps there’s so little money to go around for entrepreneurs and philanthropists to dispense on account of all the government spending. There’s an actual cause and effect to investigate

If the project was worthwhile, the receivers could locate financing from people who recognize the potential and want part of the action or donations from the kindhearted. Otherwise, the government is wasting your cash, and not quite for the first time.

The ardent willingness to hand out a third party’s cash is symptomatic of the shortsighted folly of propping up industries without first checking to see if they could survive on their own. We never get to see what isn’t bought with the money subtracted from the economy in a futile effort to multiply it.

The redistributing specialists brag about the glimpse of sunlight their projects bring without ever pondering why we’ve been lying at the refuse pile’s base for decades. Take Metro Rail: sure, it’s a supreme folly that turned downtown into a ghost town, but at least the city got federal money out of it.

Such funding ultimately makes the area sick after the sugar wears off, especially once we realize that the week’s meal money was all spent on breakfast Snickers. And these are the people telling us that nicotine is bad.

The medical campus apparently can’t mind their own business even as they refuse to mind their own funding. They should be thanking taxpayers while building them a smoking lounge. Instead, they’ll lecture us even after our check clears.


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