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Delinquent Government

by on September 10, 2012

Teens can learn how money is made by trying to make money. A puberty-laden human may harness hormones via pursuing cash acquisition through mowing lawns, babysitting, or selling Grit Magazine, as figuring out the process on their own allows minors to pick up entrepreneurship without needing to be taught by the state how to fill a job. Once they find someone willing to pay for a service, suddenly the entire process becomes clear. Oh, this is where money comes from?

But brats are instead being taught to rely on Albany through the New York Youth Works Program, a grim scheme to teach kids that they can only learn from the government. Even worse, the state is incinerating even more of your currency promoting the rather convoluted training during your favorite programs, irking kids who are just trying to relax after returning from school. We’re raising very sad children who will never learn that they can labor without a state department dedicated to it:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed the NY Youth Works Program into law on December 9, 2011 to encourage businesses to hire unemployed, disadvantaged youth. The program will support job training and employment for eligible youth ages 16 to 24 who live in the following areas of New York State*: Cities of Albany, Buffalo, New York, Rochester, Schenectady, Syracuse, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Utica, Yonkers; and Towns of Brookhaven and Hempstead.

Politicians have laid waste to said metropolitan areas, so it’s time for them to suddenly engage in competence and promote training workers to fill jobs that will appear as soon as Andrew Cuomo graduates from the wizardry academy. Until he can conjure a good financial outlook, he will rely on doling out your earnings in payment and training that should be covered by whichever merchant benefits from the kids learning to work:

  1. For Businesses – Your business can earn tax credits of up to $4,000 for eligible youth starting work between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012. Your business must be certified to participate in the program. The process is easy; see below for details.
  2. For Youth – This program can help you get a job! Plus, you may earn up to $900 to cover your expenses if you get training from an authorized NY Youth Works provider. Getting certified for the program is a snap; see below for details.
  3. For Placement/Training Providers – the NYS Department of Labor has made $8 million dollars available through three (3) solicitations to facilitate the employment of work-ready youth in the 12 targeted New York Youth Work areas.

So, instead of letting businesses hire on need, we just bribe them to hire kids the state also bribed while allegedly training them, all while using even more money that the state has taken from earners. This is how we get the economy rolling. New York is reacting to a crisis with the sort of program that created said crisis. Throw buckets of water at those treading in it:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the launch of “NY Youth Works,” a statewide program to combat the unacceptably high unemployment rates among inner city youth in communities across New York. The new program, passed last month in an extraordinary session of the state legislature, includes $25 million in tax credits for businesses that hire unemployed and disadvantaged youth and $62 million to support job training programs.

Set aside how purportedly emphatic politicians referring to the “inner city” always sound patronizing, especially from those who created the welfare state that turned huge patches of metropolises into ominous ghost towns. More onerously, tax credits are nothing more than a method for playing favorites, especially since they’re not exactly accompanied by cuts. Albany has more job training to fund, as that responsibility shouldn’t fall upon employers and employees just because it makes sense.

And it costs money to promote a program that wastes money. For example, local news stations have recently had their airways polluted with Youth Works ads featuring kids who presumably went through the training program themselves for acting and learned to don work costumes like a chef jacket. It’s good those kids didn’t learn how a restaurant or supermarket runs from the bottom up, as the real money lies in getting checks from the state.

Eager whippersnappers couldn’t just wander into a neighborhood business and see if they’re hiring, as initiative is exhausting. Besides, an excessively high minimum wage already prevents companies from hiring inexperienced workers who don’t create enough value yet for the wage. The lowest earners can’t stand any more of the state’s help.

Most of all, local companies can’t afford to take on new employees on account of the tax burden that funds counterproductive silliness like, oh, state job-training programs. These kids are going to be disappointed by the government’s supposed assistance, and at least they’ll get used to it before thy can vote.

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