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Unemployed and Unamused

by on September 25, 2012

Are you so soft that you give up trying an idea because it keeps not working? That sort of narrow-minded approach ignores the odds, which clearly indicate that a failed program has a better chance of working the next time. A concept can’t result in explosions and tears every time unless it’s really bad or something.

Never learning from experience means you may be related to the Cuomos. The same government that fenced your goods is trying to sell them back to you; luckily for you, they’re offering a discount. Both federal- and state-level politicians who pretend that massive deregulation caused the financial meltdown are spending workers’ money to train workers to make more money. This isn’t quite what federalism is supposed to be:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an initiative Tuesday to help long-term unemployment in New York. The state will distribute $6 million in federal grants to companies that will hire unemployed New Yorkers.

The federal grants will give wage subsidies to businesses that hire workers who have had extended unemployment for more than 27 weeks. Last year, New York was nationally recognized for a similar program, Cuomo said in a news release.

Yeah, New York was nationally recognized as a laughingstock by people who found jobs in non-Cuomo led states. Here in the state of desolation, the government is paying people to work, which is a responsibility some old-timers claim used to fall upon employers:

“New York state’s efforts to help long-term, unemployed individuals find jobs have been recognized across the nation, and this additional $6 million will be a shot in the arm as we continue to put New Yorkers back to work and get our economy back on track,” Cuomo said in a statement.

But the money might not be wasted quickly enough, which is why we need a SWAT team for unemployment:

The initiative will also include a Mobile Reemployment Response Team to assist the unemployed with seeking jobs in areas of high unemployment. The team will include operations at libraries, schools and community centers geared toward long-term job seekers, particularly those who have collected unemployment for 27 or more weeks.

Jobs are unable to hide from bureaucratic special forces. Long-term unemployment couldn’t be institutionalized by the same government that first twiddled us into pecuniary misery, could it? An entity with no competition that uses none of its own money and proves repeatedly that it has zero idea how businesses work is reaffirming its role by attempting to teach the jobless skills they should learn on their own:

The mobile response team operations will provide services in resume writing and interviewing, skills matching, training opportunity counseling and others. Over the next month, teams will travel to some upstate locations to meet with the unemployed in these areas.

Perhaps the unemployed should also be taught life skills; can we be certain they know how to brush their teeth without a state program? Even more demeaning is the refusal to accept or learn that involving the federal government in the economy is the surest way to ruin it. Enter the always-humiliating senior senator:

“Helping the unemployed find work should be job number one, and these federal dollars will do just that,” said Sen. Charles Schumer in a statement. “New York has a long record of finding innovative ways to help the unemployed find work, and we are continuing in that tradition.”

Well, New York does have a long record of unemployment, so Chuck Nasty is half-right for once. Decades of centrally-managed currency frittering proves that tradition is a bad reason to keep doing something.

The planners change, but the bad plans never do. They share the unfortunate characteristic of never realizing how employment is a byproduct of having something for potential hires to do. Low joblessness results from people being allowed to engage in a valuable activity, not a government incentive that in fact takes money from people who found some way to profit.

This particular schemer deserves specific scorn. Cuomo has some nerve using governmental planning to attempt to fix the economy considering his embarrassingly catastrophic work history. After all, this is the former Housing and Urban Development secretary who singularly damaged the economy through pimping subprime mortgages to people who couldn’t afford mortgages. How could that plan have caused doom?

In what can be assumed to be an inadvertent effort to prove he never learns, the present governor has put yet another drag on a state that already has ample resistance to progress. Oh, now politicians will actually help.

Kid Cuomo will never determine why setting forests ablaze creates ashes and not taller trees. As a result, he’ll also fail to grasp why his executive dreams end in Albany and not Washington.

Just like daddy, Andrew can get away with this deleterious garbage in a state that’s miserably established a commitment to liberalism over progress. But nobody in the family can thankfully sucker enough people nationally. As it stands, the state graciously helps victims of its policies. Thank you for funding their generosity whether you’re a taxpayer in New York or elsewhere.


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