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Have I Got a Job for You

by on October 2, 2012

Unemployed people have plenty of time to volunteer for incumbents’ reelection campaigns. It may seem that filling out applications or networking would be a more prudent use of time than supporting those who created the dismal pecuniary ecosystem that leads to many having idle days, but only for those who have some idea why jobs are presently as rare as legitimate Craigslist ads.

There will be zero change statewide during this upcoming election despite there being no rule against removing failures. Enough New York voters will be willing to give one more chance to the piddling tyrants stationed at various governmental tiers. Those disconcertingly reinstated leaders will finally lower unemployment after the next election. Trust them:

The State Labor Department today released local area unemployment rates for August 2012, as determined by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL). As reported last week, the state’s unemployment rate was 9.1% in August 2012.

For the record, this is one case where going up isn’t good. One would think that fact wouldn’t need to be stated, but only if one hasn’t dealt with life in New York. If only we could make the rate dip by convincing more people to give up looking or leave the state:

Over the past year, the state added more than 130,000 private sector jobs, and the number of initial unemployment insurance claims decreased by 10%, from 106,818 in August 2011 to 96,334 in August 2012.

In statistical terms, that’s not enough. Again, it shouldn’t have to be noted that such gains are like celebrating losing the Stanley Cup in six games. But the initiators of massive spending never concern themselves with trifling matters like percentages.

But don’t fear: taxers and spenders are happy to care for the victims of their policies with even more of their preferred solutions, which coincidentally increase their control over us. Enough residents are apparently pleased with the despondent stasis that they are going to keep voting in the most depressingly one-sided manner possible.

In practice, being happy with an unhappy economy means rewarding the pushy party that has largely overseen the bleakness. Take a prominent Bizarro All-Star on both the Washington and Albany levels: Andrew Cuomo’s work to make mortgages more widely available in the Department of Housing and Urban Development only spread joblessness. I bet he blames deregulation.

Despite the same affiliated leaders making the same mistakes, New York will choose to see if wallowing in the gutter will get us closer to the penthouse. Unemployment has grown even more bleak over the past year, but the unpleasant pecuniary anemia still hasn’t kept the state from already essentially placing its electoral votes with the party in power.

At least the Democratic hive has a declining influence on the national election in what totally doesn’t resemble the correlation between big budgets and high joblessness. Noticing the connection doesn’t ease the pain for those who enjoy life in the state but not its pernicious political tendencies.

Still, enough people have already left to diminish New York’s influence. For example, North Carolina will flip to crimson this presidential election, and they can partially thank Upstate New Yorkers who found that the costs of enduring their previous home’s woeful atmosphere outweighed the benefits. There are finally people in the Empire State who get economics, and most of them naturally leave.

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