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Diminishing Returns

by on November 16, 2012

Nothing ever changing is fine if you’re a Yankees fan or nuclear silo guard. But not everyone gets to enjoy the inertia of steady success or avoidance of trouble. Instead, some endure perpetual languor even though they could choose vigor. Take New York voters who woefully elected to stay the same, as upheaval might cause happiness and prosperity along with other apparently undesirably pleasant effects.

For one, New Yorkers rewarded the junior senator for being part of a crew that refuses to pass a budget, as it’s thus obviously not that august body’s fault that we’re in debt we are unable to pay back because we’re holding our place in the unemployment queue. Kirsten Gillibrand didn’t need to waste money on ads but of course did in classic Democratic style. The one possibility more disheartening than New Yorkers again picking Flick despite her record as a depressingly predictable liberal is that they went with her because of it.

Lower legislators are nearly as uniformly Democratic in the alleged Empire State as the more deliberative half. The state that lost two seats also lost two Republicans in an example of why they’ll lose even more after 2020. Excessive spending by a nosy government has made life in New York nearly unbearable, so the state’s dwellers figure everyone nationally might as well have to be as miserable as we are.

The semi-good news involves the removal of one bad news representative. The only thing worse than an undesirable candidate who last threw away his county-level office is Kathy Hochul. Chris Collins might not be the ideal embodiment of small-government principles or big-principled leaders.

But voters had enough shameless nonsense from Hochul, namely how she continued to frighten seniors about Republicans trying to lower premiums by feeding them to federally-subsidized wolves. Here’s wishing she enjoyed her handful of minutes as another Washington tourist.

Nationally, aspiring Democratic executives will continue to take New York’s electoral votes for granted. We should at least consider flirting with another suitor, unless we want this state to be permanently engaged to statism.

Getting to avoid presidential political commercials isn’t worth the automatic electoral vote dispensation. There are fewer of them, anyway, as New York sees its effect on presidential elections dwindle due to more residents growing weary of the poverty caused by wealth transfers enough to price homes in Red States.

Results of uniform rule by the party of gargantuan government are depressingly unsurprising. For one, the state’s executive is way smarter than you despite appearances. The meteorology skills Andrew Cuomo learned at law school allowed him to proclaim that Hurricane Sandy was connected to climate change, as the world never experienced bad storms before the internal combustion engine’s invention.

Cuomo is only incompetent because he doesn’t have enough power. His bizarre connection of a hurricane’s existence to human activity is only less egregious by comparison to how he blamed private ownership for post-Sandy troubles. As with how the person who inflated the mortgage bubble as Housing and Urban Development Secretary says we need more government to fix the economy, Kid Cuomo is proficient at blaming everyone for the problems he initiated other than himself.

Meanwhile, parts of Staten Island still resemble a Third World nation as the governor proclaims his lust for using a natural disaster to increase the state’s reach. Maybe he should work on the fundamentals before he signs with an agent. The government can do everything, except for how it can’t even perform its most necessary functions. They constantly screw up on both the varsity and intramural levels, and it’s the fans who suffer.

There’s little for which to cheer. For now, liberalism is so prevalent in New York that embarrassed locals must explain how a local rag which is biased beyond the point of parody neither shapes nor reflects local opinions. Keep listening to The Buffalo News, and we’ll be swapping electoral votes with North Dakota after just a few censuses. Also, keep supporting Obama, and wonder why you have to close your facility despite your support of his most radical notions.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Voters are so accustomed to omnipresent blight that they don’t realize they can select otherwise. The state and perhaps the nation will turn around once New Yorkers learn it’s acceptable to stop using bricks to hit themselves in their heads. Be certain that Albany paid too much for said bricks.

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