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Blown Away

by on December 5, 2012

Whine to the next-highest guy: now that’s leadership. The man purportedly in charge can always hope the man in the next-biggest office isn’t quite as incompetent, although there’s always the horror of getting to the top and realize there’s nobody else to lobby.

At least hurricanes leave. By comparison, the suffering inflicted by progressive leaders remains for as long as enough voters think autocracy doesn’t need to mean proficiency. A state that spends an astounding fortune of impounded funds on every frivolous extension of power imaginable didn’t squirrel away enough for its true function. So, the chief panhandler is off to engage in an executive’s most important task, namely making everyone else pay for one area’s prodigal nature:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited the White House Monday on the first stop of a D.C. visit seeking federal aid for victims of Superstorm Sandy.

The White House Office of Management and Budget is finalizing a massive request to Congress for emergency federal aid for New York, New Jersey and other East Coast states hit by the storm.

By definition, emergency aid shouldn’t take over a month to arrive. But this government specializes in diluting the dictionary. The unbelievable sum he seeks is just the start:

New York and New Jersey have requested $79 billion for rebuilding and mitigation projects, but the price tag is certain to go higher as other states also assess the damage.

Estimate high: he may as well ask for nine figures. It’s not like it’s his money. For inspiration, a lower-ranking incompetent quasi-tyrant is whining in Washington instead of helping his constituents:

Last week New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a similar round of visits, meeting with top House and Senate appropriators as well as House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia.

Why doesn’t New York City’s Bonaparte just ban storms? Residents reward absolute fecklessness, then wonder why the state is a disaster area even when storms aren’t landing:

Meanwhile, New York voters gave Gov. Andrew Cuomo high marks for his response to Superstorm Sandy, a poll Monday found.

Sixty-seven percent of voters said Cuomo has done an excellent or good job dealing with the devastating Oct. 29 storm, the Siena College poll said.

Wearing a jacket while surveying damage used to represent leadership. Now, it’s replaced it, and voters have accepted posing as the real deal. Their willingness to settle for the gestures without the actions sadly explains why they agree with him even when he’s outside his usual realm of ignorance:

Residents agreed with Cuomo’s assessment that climate change is real. By a 69-24 percent margin, voters said recent severe storms were a result of climate change. Cuomo has warned that New York, particularly along the coastline, needs to rebuild to take into account the likelihood of future severe storms because of climate change.

Hurricanes are a new phenomenon, of course, spurred by people using air conditioning and blenders. An astounding percentage of suckers concur with nonsensical pronouncements about why natural catastrophes are our fault, a number which presumably doesn’t include those who can’t answer pollsters since they are still without basic services:

Cuomo has received high approval ratings generally in polls by Siena and other polling institutes. A Siena poll last month found Cuomo with a 67 percent approval rating.

During the storm, Cuomo held daily press briefings and toured ravaged communities, including being in lower Manhattan during the height of the storm. He has criticized power companies for their response and has threatened to remove their state licenses if they didn’t respond adequately to customers’ needs.

Yeah, talking to the press and tying up the roads while looking at all the broken crap really helped devastated residents. And Cuomo threatening those he decided didn’t respond properly is from a psychology textbook’s section on projection. Mockers of anyone who is excessively prepared for potential emergencies invariably beg shamelessly when they are exposed as feeble by events.

A state dedicated to governmental infiltration of every bit of your day is missing in action when its actually needed. Cuomo’s supreme impotence is embodied how he needs to make demands from Washington despite what a tax hole Albany remains. There’s bad news if he thinks there’s someone else to bail him out if he, pray for us, makes it to that top office.

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