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Play Off

by on December 31, 2012

If you’ve ever seen a Bills game, chances are they lost: they’re 56 games under .500.

This was the Bills’ 53rd season. They’ve had winning records in 21 of them.

Twenty-two of 32 teams have made the playoffs over the last four seasons, in case the Bills missing 13 straight times didn’t seem ridiculous enough.

The Bills’ present playoff drought has lasted for nearly one-quarter of the team’s existence.

The last playoff appearance for the Bills was one week after Y2K. At least one predicted disaster came true.

The last playoff win for the Bills came on December 30, 1995 during Bill Clinton’s first term. There have been 5 presidential elections since then.

Three good quarterbacks. Three good coaches. 53 seasons.

Back-to-back AFL championships; O.J.; back-to-back playoffs in 80/81; Super Bowl appearances; OK in late ’90s. That’s it for the Bills.

Thank heavens for the salary cap and revenue sharing; otherwise, small-market teams like the Bills might miss the playoffs 13 straight times.

The Bills suck. And it costs you. The $95 million of public money to fix a private team’s stadium in the new lease deal will help the area just like this squad helps the game of football. The Bills get millions from the government to fund losing football, but at least it actually hurts the economy to help their billionaire owner.

Through handouts, the Bills have found a way to remain profitable without winning. Good for them, unless you’re a fan, taxpayer, or both.

We’ll never recoup the investment. Sinking millions of seized assets into a hole of a stadium will pay off about the same time the stimulus lowers unemployment. Like Bills fans, Keynesians wait forever for nothing.

Spenders of others’ money get their way by assuring us the next redistributive batch will be the one that finally provokes prosperity. They are certain that regular-level earners will never get ahead unless they have money taken from them to subsidize millionaire players and billionaire owners. People who can’t catch a ball for a living will totally come out ahead once they pay high taxes. We can’t let people keep more of what they earn and buy football tickets if they wish.

It’s not as if we lack evidence that government spending on a sports team doesn’t help anyone but the skinflint owner. The endless welfare for the Bills has helped the economy about as much as Chan Gailey has provoked playoff hopes.

There has been exactly zero improvement in Western New York’s financial outlook from the corporate handouts in question, unless one ignores the money taken to allegedly improve stadium-adjacent restaurant business seven days per year. Sadly, our leaders do just that, and enough voters agree that funding another parade will make us rich.

There’s little hope of breaking the abusively dysfunctional relationship where the Bills announce they won’t leave as long as we give them our PIN. Through the new lease sentence, money is simply getting redistributed instead of being given the chance to grow through being spent and invested how those who made it want. If this team is so popular, they don’t need tax receipts.

Patronizing meddlers can keep assuring us that the state will come out ahead after the Bills get a fresh EBT card. The same people said this was the year the team was destined to return to the postseason. They have every bit of evidence in the world except results.

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