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New York Uncontrolled

by on January 18, 2013

New York State is where those who obey laws are treated like criminals. Letting the virtuous fire back against the wicked might be messy and create liability issues. Instead, it’s easier to treat the good guys like they misbehaved for the crime of firing 10 rounds at the range without a magazine change. Decent citizens are easier to arrest.

Il Duce Andrew Cuomo could stand to be less smugly sanctimonious about taking away rights in a manner both onerously tyrannical and astoundingly petty. He hasn’t once answered how hassling people who behave will make us safer. But New York’s new gun crimes will make liberals feel like they’ve done something, which is always what’s most important.

Toying with gun control enthusiasts would be fun if their intentions weren’t so disturbing. Ask them to define the inherently inflammatory term “assault weapon” without letting them copy and paste the same Googled answer they always use. And try to suppress giggles when they use “clips” as a synonym for “magazines;” don’t correct them, as it’s an easy way to spot who’s ignorant.

Further, try to get them to understand that one must pull the trigger every time one wants to fire a semiautomatic firearm. They’ll reply that murderers use military-style assault weapons all the time, which gives you an excuse to give up and go for a cocktail instead of attempting to explain why “gun-free zones” enable more mass murderers than the availability of commonly-owned firearms that look scary to people who know precisely nothing about them.

Treat yourself to another stiff drink when you realize how the Empire State has found a way to be even more invasive to those who exercise Second Amendment rights. For one, a private transaction of daring to sell a rifle on your own now needs a background check; if you wanted to avoid being viewed as a felon, you shouldn’t have armed yourself.

Similarly egregious is banning magazines that hold more than seven rounds as if the holder was killing people. The restriction is a pain in the ass at the range and a pain in the hopes to keep living for those defending homes against intruders. Meanwhile, villains will acquire or make the magazines they need in cunning disregard of the law.

You don’t have time to worry about whether seven shots is enough to stop a drugged-out invader or pair of burglars: you have magazines to ditch. People who have never had parking tickets may have to sell their private property to lucky gun owners in less restrictive states. Criminals are undoubtedly worried about possessing items prohibited by statute and will cancel scheduled robberies as a result.

The good and bad news is that Kid Cuomo’s dark dreams were not completely fulfilled. His fascist lust to repossess your firearms as represented by his frighteningly doltish admission that “confiscation could be an option” explains why gun owners are rightfully paranoid.

The only reason he didn’t try to break down your door to get your gun safe is his desperation to make cultural cake authority Sandra Lee America’s unmarried First Lady. But he’s welcome to try to come and take it if he thinks tracking down and taking guns from Americans who haven’t committed crimes makes for good presidential campaign optics.

Of course, any reasonable nation would have already disqualified Cuomo from consideration for feeding one’s fish while on vacation, much less the presidency, so we’ll see if America still retains any remnants of that. His side thinks the best response to an atrocity is capriciously making people who aren’t bothering anyone into law-breakers.

Nothing makes us safer like a knee-jerk reaction to evil, especially when it’s signed into law faster than a kidney gets transplanted. It was surely hasty oversight which effectively made some rifles unusable, right?

More of what hasn’t worked is bound to start working. Just like the next state tax hike will push New York over the top into affluence, this next batch of firearms limitations is going to be the one to put muggers out of business. That’s at least what budding assailants want you to believe.

As New York’s politicians continually prove, you don’t need principles or results when you have votes. Blaming guns for crime is like claiming alcoholism is caused by shot glasses, and that’s not going to stop this state’s ruling goons from continuing to demonize those who like to hunt or be in fair gunfights started by nefarious parties.

It’s not like our governor to be completely wrong about something. Cuomo will do for safety what he did for affordable housing as HUD secretary. And the state’s economy will improve right after he gets around to helping Sandy victims. The hurricane was caused by the internal combustion engine, anyway, just like it will be someone else’s fault when crime actually increases after the law’s ominous effects are felt. Get ready for him to vilify the NRA even if just to stay in practice.

Mini Mario’s allies will humbly keep referring to themselves as courageous, a curious adjective for those criminalizing the innocent. And there’s nothing brave about letting the actions of lone human demons define us.

The most frightening response to atrocity is believing that evil is a mechanical act that can be legislated away. Cuomo and company keep forgetting to condemn the murderers. Such reckless people clearly don’t want to establish a standard of personal responsibility.

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