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UnSAFE at Any Speed

by on February 26, 2013

The best reason to be suspicious of legislation is a goofy acronym. Lawmakers strive to assure you that rights-gobbling laws will have the opposite effect by using a contrived title. For example, neither secure ammunition nor firearms enforcement will result from the SAFE Act, as restricting those who will obey the law somehow might not affect criminals.

Yet the onerous gun restriction was not named ironically. Count humorlessness as another one of Andrew Cuomo’s lovely virtues. Thankfully, resistance has formed to irksome oppression thanks to people who realize the manipulative name is only the trouble’s start:

Another county is taking a stand against New York’s new gun law — now the toughest in the nation.

The Erie County Legislature voted on two resolutions on Thursday afternoon, including one opposing the New York SAFE Act.

Two democrats, Terrence McCracken and Thomas Loughran, voted with Republicans — giving a 7-4 vote in favor of a resolution urging state lawmakers to repeal the SAFE Act, hold discussions and come up with a new bill.

Maybe Albany could take a do-over and target genuine evildoers instead of turning innocent people into fake criminals. Or maybe it’s just that we gun-toting bloodthirsty obstructionists don’t accept that some laws are so super that they need to be thrust into being without exposure to daylight in more than once sense:

Republicans and legislators in the Minority Caucus say the way the SAFE Act was passed — in the middle of the night with no discussion — goes against our democratic process.

Legislator Kevin Hardwick (R) said “the problems that resulted in that tragedy in Connecticut deserved more than a days debate.”

Did you want to avoid blaming the wrong thing while overreacting to atrocity? Well, that’s why you’re not in office. More and more people are fed up with being treated like the enemy for the crimes of others:

Stephen Aldstadt, with the Shooters Committee on Political Education, says the group has seen a surge in membership since the law passed.

“People who don’t even own a gun understand that this isn’t about guns,” Aldstadt says. “This is about rights.”

It is indeed about rights, which is why the governor is on the other side:

While in Buffalo earlier in the day, Governor Andrew Cuomo defended the NY SAFE Act too.

When asked about the counties asking for the SAFE Act to be repealed or changed, Cuomo said, “When you talk about a political opposition, it’s a fear of what the law could lead to, and that fear is totally unfounded, because the law doesn’t do what people are afraid of.”

Silly gun owners are only concerned about trivialities about what the law says and does. With minor concerns like rights in mind, they are mounting challenges both legislative and judicial:

It was standing room only Thursday night as angry gun rights advocates received an update on a class action lawsuit being filed against the state of New York’s new gun legislation.

Local Attorney, Jim Tresmond, spoke to a SCOPE gathering about the lawsuit he filed and will take to State Court.

Gun owners aren’t the sort who take rights-trampling lightly:

Although, Tresmond vowed he wouldn’t stop there.

“If the state of New York comes to its senses it will be decided quickly,” Tresmond said. “If it chooses to fight, it will go all the way to the Supreme Court and won’t get there for up to a year.”

Hopefully, the right to own a magazine that won’t ever harm anyone will be preserved by this time in 2014. If not, the foolhardy measure’s misguided backers will have extra time to invent an answer as to how this knee-jerkiest of laws would make us safer.

As always, New York has it wrong: politicians fruitlessly attempt to limit slaughter by constraining things like ammunition sales instead of letting innocent people arm themselves. Thinking that we’ll be safer by attempting to force mass killers to reload is as misguided as assuming they’ll be constrained by permit recertification. The people who actually obey rules do what they can to resist being scapegoated by politicians who know nothing more about human nature than how to exploit it.


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