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More Legal, Less Moral

by on March 5, 2013

A shift from pragmatic moderate realist to chillingly inhuman extremist is an interesting political calculation. But New York is an interesting place, in a frustratingly malicious sort of way. After all, about 47 states would be embarrassed by Andrew Cuomo’s determination to see early-term abortion on demand as nothing more than the first step.

A science fiction horror story where seemingly benevolent rulers claim freedom in childlessness is being written in Albany. The ending can’t be a horrifying twist, can it? It’s simply too tricky to end a pregnancy in the Empire State: we’re just not nonchalant enough about unwanted consequences of behavior. Said consequences can’t be killed fast enough. Mr. Sandra Lee thinks being progressive means marching forward to the Dark Ages:

Governor Andrew Cuomo is working on a bill to strengthen abortion rights laws in New York. Critics said new numbers released about the number of abortions performed in New York state show about half of teen pregnancies end in abortion. They say the bill would just increase that number.

These numbers are coming from Guttmacher Institute, which actually works to promote Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights. It tracked abortions for several years and shows in New York. Fifty-nine percent of all teen pregnancies here in the state were terminated from a total of 25,000 pregnancies.

They check the horrid numbers and remain in favor of lax abortion laws? Normal people are cringing in horror while “pro-choice” advocates disregard the ghastly nature of this particular choosing. The governor is insulated from petty concerns like morality:

Governor Cuomo has not commented specifically on this report but did speak earlier this month about his proposal to strengthen New York’s abortion law.

“Strengthening” the law is bad news for the weakest among us. You can’t hold a mixed-martial arts fight here, but you can count on it being that much easier to extract a lifestyle-crimping child:

Critics of that proposal believe this is an attempt to open the door for more abortions in a state that already has extremely high rates.

While the numbers may seem high, the report did show that teen pregnancy itself has slightly decreased in the past two decades.

Well, then all these terminations have really paid off! Don’t forget to invoke rape or the health of the mother, as if the controversy’s nature wasn’t over its use as birth control for inconvenient babies.

Many pro-lifers are comfortable with exceptions for rape, incest, and health concerns, concessions which leave us with murdering a fetus out of convenience. Any other concessions lead to treachery. Ronald Reagan became ardently pro-life in part because a bill he signed as California governor that would purportedly allow abortions for only medical reasons resulted in a huge spike in the procedure thanks to wayward doctors authorizing them on shady grounds. Conversely, Cuomo knows what would happen next and sickly can’t wait.

It’s bad enough that Cuomo sees removing abortion restrictions as a goal. But whining about dissent makes it even worse. The state’s alleged top adult is a hypersensitive baby who can’t conceive of dissent. There’s apparently no opposition to left-wing doctrine, which is why it’s fine for them to rush through legislation.

The radical level of bloodshed he endorses would only be more appalling when weighed against his previous self-righteousness. Mario’s brat dared to campaign for gun control on the corpses of Newtown victims all so he could criminalize eight-round magazines. Meanwhile, far worse violence is already self-perpetrated against children every single day in New York’s abortion mills. For the governor, a culture that’s tolerant of pregnancy termination is a good start.

We can’t be that surprised that Kid Cuomo is a soulless ghoul. But he foolishly doesn’t realize that lurching leftward will fail to help his electoral prospects past the Hudson. Cuomo’s extremism thankfully limits the damage he can cause. Naturally, he only helps the nation inadvertently, as he’s most appalling when he’s flaunting his true nature.

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