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A Safe Way Around

by on June 4, 2013

One can determine who’s going to behave by observing responses to the government trying its hardest to be bothersome. While criminals just disregard onerous laws, decent people strive to remain in compliance while getting around The State’s ridiculous impositions. There may even be a lesson to be learned about the different practical applications of human nature.

Gun owners have again proved that they are cannier than politicians who want to disarm them. Those who don’t appreciate laws aimed at their rights are calmly getting around the SAFE Act, but only because the new interdictions are really dumb. Perhaps the reactionary dolts who think they can legislate away crime with mechanical bans should have learned about firearms before they tried to attempt to regulate them in lieu of criminals: (h/t mwbowler):

It might be the most divisive element of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s NY SAFE Act: an expanded ban on what the administration terms “assault-style” weapons, such as the Vietnam-era AR-15s that are wildly popular with gun enthusiasts.

But the ban is proving to be less than total. Gun dealers, with the help of machine shops and gunsmiths, are on the cusp of offering what they call NY SAFE-compliant AR-15s and other military-style rifles.

Prototypes for the new rifles have been on display at gun shops from western New York to the Adirondacks in recent weeks. And now a lawyer representing one shop says he has gotten what amounts to an OK from the state, in the form of a letter from a State Police lawyer confirming that AR-15-style guns should be legal as long as they lack the characteristics prohibited by the law.

We better race to destroy said characteristics before the bad guys discover them. Also, change the Second Amendment so the only arms it protects are those with finger guns at the end of them, although of course with commonsense regulations. Count on a state which prides itself on micromanaging to not anticipate that people will be clever:

“It’s basically an AR-15 without the features,” said James Tresmond, a western New York lawyer representing H&H Firearms, a Lackawanna gun shop that’s seeking to sell such a rifle.

He aims to offer an AR-15-style rifle with the pistol grip permanently removed, and without banned accessories such as a folding stock, a flash suppressor or a bayonet lug.

Albany wants rifles to take up space and be bright when fired. And you can lug your own bayonet, mister. At least journalists are learning how guns work:

It retains the semi-automatic capability possessed by any standard AR-15, meaning one can simply pull the trigger for each shot rather than having to work a bolt action or lever each time.

And it uses the same .223 cartridge as its military cousin.

Oh, so that’s what “semiautomatic” means. Next comes learning the difference between clips and magazines. But what’s important is to emphasize the capacity for danger, as there are no other objects in our world that can be used for harm:

“What the heck is the difference?” asked Troy-area GOP Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, noting that the modified rifles have the same firepower and potential lethality as those that are banned.

What an interesting way to phrase how guns can cause harm. The article is unintentionally helpful in showing that the media will do what it can to emphasize potential hazard if we dare respect constitutional and natural rights, as also seen in the totally not deliberately provocative “Gun design legal, deadly” headline. The same can be said about grain alcohol, but only if you secretly root for it to be illegal. And don’t forget to use the term “weapons” as if every implement in question had been used in an assault.

At least those who assume items cause crimes are encouraging innovation in the firearms industry, although that was unlikely their intention. They are also undoubtedly acting inadvertently when they argue that inaccuracy is the goal:

Long Island Democratic Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel said that following the 1994 federal assault weapons ban — which expired a decade later — gunmakers developed “AB” or “After-Ban” models of military-style weapons.

Schimel disagreed with McLaughlin on the significance of the modifications. She said the banned features, including pistol grips, are designed to increase a weapon’s effectiveness, or killing power.

“A pistol grip helps you keep firing on a target,” she said. “Each characteristic has a specific battle component.”

Condemning pistol grips for helping people fire may be the most misguided expression of firearms ignorance yet. Um, something that keeps the person firing on target is a good thing, as the nefarious prefer their targets to not be able to shoot as straight. It’s apparently better to miss, but only if you assume gun owners automatically double as murderous felons. Such a woeful attitude is like saying steering wheels shouldn’t be too responsive because it will enable psychopaths to run down pedestrians with ease. Don’t give Albany ideas.

State-imposed limitations are not very helpful when criminals disregard them. They’re not going to be deterred from perpetrating harm by a features restriction, and you can be certain they’ll try to give themselves better odds than rule-abiding people who wish to fire back. Take it from people who are scared of guns and not dastards:

Manhattan Democratic Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh, another gun control advocate, made a similar point about a firearm’s form versus function.

“The bill does not talk about whether a gun looks scary,” he said. “The bill talks about specific characteristics.”

Meanwhile, they targeted guns which they found frightening, which is historically as an effective deterrent against crime as the honor system. New York’s politicians think they have the right to spend a huge chunk of earners’ money, redefine marriage, and tell people which gun accessories are acceptable. But at least those in one case who harm nobody are finding new ways to be left alone. Albany just needs to ban ingenuity.

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