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The Safety of the Baby

by on June 11, 2013

Procrastination isn’t as cute once once is done with school. Sure, it’s fun to write papers on the way to class and learn what sociology is when reading the exam questions. But one should naturally evolve into maturity once the campus is in the rear-view mirror. Growing up means things like not putting off a pregnancy termination until the intended victim can survive on its own.

New York State’s dissenters figured Andrew Cuomo didn’t have a soul, and he apparently wanted to keep people from speculating any longer. Striving to make abortion legal well past the point when an unborn child’s humanity can no longer be debated is a deeply unsettling yet efficient way of settling the issue:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to introduce contentious abortion legislation on Tuesday, and his aides and women’s rights groups have identified Republican state senators whom they will pressure to support it, according to people familiar with the matter.

It’s curious how those ever so objectively labeled “women’s rights groups” aren’t interested in the right of unborn women to reach existence outside a womb. It may be possible to think females shouldn’t have a special right to kill a baby and still be on that particular gender’s side. At least the most callous among us are disavowing people of notions about abortion being anything more than a convenience, although they still feel compelled to claim they’re out to help:

The governor’s proposal would change state law to allow abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy to protect a woman’s health, a broader exemption than the current law that provides for late-term abortions only if a woman’s life is at risk.

Let’s hope they’re being disingenuous by acting as if the primary purpose of abortion isn’t birth control. Thinking such laws won’t lead to shady doctors handing out excuse notes is like thinking cannabis legalization is to help with glaucoma and not to make watching the Discovery Channel more fun.

The frightening thing is that Cuomo must know the law will be distorted in the name of empowering people who simply wish to remain childless. Ronald Reagan’s adamant pro-life stance later in life can be traced to him signing a bill as California governor that was supposed to permit abortions in emergencies but led to a spike in them being performed under any flimsy excuse imaginable.

Meanwhile, Reagan’s Bizarro counterpart hopes to reach the White House using a disturbingly inverted approach to humanity. New York’s governor wants to raise awareness of mysterious ailments experienced by those who don’t find parenthood appealing:

A Cuomo administration official said the bill’s language was crafted to create “a real litmus test on Roe v. Wade for members of both parties, making it impossible to vote against for anyone who wants to say they support a woman’s right to choose.”

The bill is being introduced after months of negotiations with abortion-rights advocates, religious leaders and legislators. Mr. Cuomo had delayed its debut to find bill language that would both appease women’s-rights groups and mollify the Roman Catholic Church, which has argued that changes to state law may encourage a greater number of abortions.

Only a state that thought loading a magazine to capacity is a crime would also believe that removing restrictions that kick in after half a year of pregnancy would not lead to more of them. Most guns aren’t used in crimes, while every abortion ends a life. Kid Cuomo can’t get enough of the one without the indifferent implements.

Legal infanticide that much closer to a due date means freedom to sickos who think an enlightened society allows effects of uninhibited fun to be flushed away. The trouble with any abortion discussion lies in pretending the result isn’t dead babies. The victims never get a chance to be as polite.

Albany’s absolutely exhausting power alignment has created a statewide moral vacuum. While inconsistency is the least of their problems, it remains a glaring indictment. Far too many of our politicians think being able to rid oneself of any inconvenient kids is a fair consolation prize for financial desolation.

Further, lawmakers sanctimoniously back perilously counterproductive gun laws for the purported sake of the children, all the while making it easier to permit the most innocent before birth. And this crop of philosophers dissolved an understanding of marriage thousands of years old in one legislative session.

Now, New York’s executive sells depravity cloaked in sanitary medical terms as progress. Humans keep getting in the way of Cuomo’s twisted utopian dreams.

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