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Salted Soil

by on June 18, 2013

Why are you opposed to compassion and eating, right-wing hatemonger? Constitution-toting extremists want people to starve and sellers to go broke by imposing nefarious schemes involving people earning their own money to buy food. Farmers can only hope the bank will let them deposit dirt if the government doesn’t subsidize the cost of what’s grown.

Albany helps its victims. Instead of enabling people to grow their own stockpiles, politicians graciously buy food for them in a very productive action that totally doesn’t exacerbate previous misadventures into central planning. As for the latest adventure in collectivization, another entitlement can’t possibly negatively effect the economy while creating a perfectly ironic contradiction of the return on honest investment embodied by cultivating the land:

About 215,000 families in New York will be eligible for $24 in checks to buy food at farmers’ markets this summer, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday.

The state is spending $3.4 million to help low-income women, infants and children buy healthy food at the state’s 470 farmers’ markets.

“Farmers’ markets help pump money back in to local economies while encouraging New Yorkers to support local agriculture and promote healthy eating,” Cuomo said in a statement.

The get-fruits-quick scheme will help except for how much junk food it requires consuming to start. The increasingly doltish governor never gets that he’s taking money from the economy in order to help it.

Keep currency amongst those who earned it, and creativity or industriousness can expand the economy. But, like farmers’ outputs, the financial outlook apparently just grows by magic no matter what’s planted.

The confiscated money could have been used for private-sector activities like, oh, salaries. The earners could then patronize any business they wanted, including farmers who peddle their output. Instead, even people who are by no account poor can get complimentary bushel-fillings:

The check booklets — six checks each worth $4 — will be available this month through September for families with children under five whose income is at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty limit, which is $43,567.

If making 43 grand per year is the level at which people need assistance, then we’re doing much better and also far worse than we thought. Classifying people who are doing okay as suffering is one way to get them to feel like self-reliance is an unnecessary burden. In the state’s view, those making over 800 dollars per week apparently shouldn’t be expected to have enough left over to buy veggies. It’s better to just wait for someone to put food in your mouth:

The checks can be used through Nov. 30 at farmers’ markets to purchase fruits and vegetables from participating vendors. In recent years, the state has sought to better promote its farmers’ markets and expand them into poor neighborhoods.

Alternately, farmers could promote and expand their own businesses, presuming they didn’t use their entire self-reliance allotment on making crops appear. But none of us are capable of anything without the state’s assistance, which is why there must be a conduit between the underprivileged and fruit peddlers. It’s amazing that any food grows out of the ground without Albany making a rule about it.

Thinking that obtaining produce is a weighty challenge amounts to the most condescending view of citizens possible. Atlas-shrugging radicals suggest that humans may be capable of earning their own paychecks. They could theoretically make even more if the government wasn’t so busy tapping the economy in order to fill it.

Sanctimony goons will indignity proclaim that the program costs only a few dollars per recipient or a few million dollars overall. But a million little handouts add up to having nothing left in hand.

Even worse than failing to notice how all these programs add up is the deleterious expectation that the government should help with the grocery bill. Convince oneself that assistance is the norm when restocking the kitchen, and expecting nothing to be accomplished without assistance becomes the dreadfully hopeless standard.

Questioning whether people need another book of food stamps for the album isn’t about helping those who could use help in the face of dire circumstances, although there are more efficient ways for humans to help each other than relying on the alleged benevolence of politicians armed with others’ money.

Nationally, the expectation that people on the whole can’t cobble together enough to meet the most basic of necessities is embodied by the obtuse self-righteousness of expecting all food costs to be covered through a program that is by definition supplemental. Just like shoplifting, the benefits provided by the welfare state are absolutely free.

If we’re to be treated like passive slugs capable of nothing more than having appetites, this aid must be the start: it’s outrageous Albany provides magical funds to buy food without further instruction. Meddlesome progressives presumably think feckless residents can’t figure how to shuck corn without state assistance, much less cook it.

All New York wants to grow are more subsidies. Farmers set a bad example for welfare pimps who think finances improve when capable people aren’t required to cultivate. As usual, the Empire State is plowing straight downhill.

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