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Media Contact

All inquiries from the media, including requests for public comment, media appearances, or general inquiries should be sent to Matt has previously been been a guest on national news networks, local and national talk radio, and various print and internet media.

Abbreviated Media Curriculum Vitae


  • CNN
  • C-SPAN
  • CBS4 (Boston)
  • Fox25 (Boston)


  • Pundit Review Radio, WRKO (Boston)
  • The Natural Truth with Michael Graham. WTKK (Boston)
  • The Hugh Hewitt Show (California)
  • The Kevin McCullough Show, WMCA (New York)
  • Hardline with Kevin Hardwick, WBEN (Buffalo)
  • BBC World Service, BBC Radio
  • Coast To Coast, The Legal Talk Network
  • The Martha Zoller Show (Georgia)
  • Dateline Washington
  • The Clash with Doug Giles
  • The G. Gordon Liddy Show
  • Lee Rogers and Melanie Morgan Show, KSFO (San Francisco)
  • The Right Balance with Greg Allen

Print and Internet Media

  • National Review
  • Newsweek
  • Boston Magazine
  • USA Today
  • Gannett News Service
  • The Washington Post
  • United Press International
  • Hartford Courant
  • The Boston Herald
  • The Boston Globe
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Associated Press
  • Columbia Journalism Review Online
  • Reno Gazette/Journal
  • Miami Herald Online
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